Albany’s Top Pizza, Mapped

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Want to try the very best pizza in the Albany, NY area? That’s a capital idea!

These are the 13 best places for pizza in the Capital Region, which is a hotbed for phenomenal local pies:

1. DeFazio’s

DeFazio's Pizza Albany
Pure deliciousness from DeFazio’s (via Facebook)

DeFazio’s Smoked Mozzarella Pizza might be one of the single best pies in the Capital District, and that’s saying a lot. If smoky isn’t your thing, don’t worry – it’s hard to go wrong with any of DeFazio’s pies, which are blessed with a gloriously charred crust thanks to their wood-fired oven.

2. Goomba’s

Goomba’s offers a bit of everything, making it one of the Capital Region’s best one-stop pizza shops. Cheesy Deep Dish, classic thin crust, and gluten-free pizzas await, but not before you dive into their fried wedges of mac-and-cheese. 

3. Pizzaroni

Pizzaroni Albany
PizzaRoni’s famed Irish Pizza (via Facebook)

We’re not sure where PizzaRoni’s “Irish Pizza” came from, but we’re not here to hassle with too many questions. Mashed potato, bacon, mozzarella, and yellow cheddar cheese top one of PizzaRoni’s most famous pies. If you’re averse to carbs-on-carbs, there are lighter options including the Margherita Pizza and happy mediums, like the BBQ Chicken Pizza.

4. Marino’s Pizza & Restaurant 

Marino’s is old school. Really old school. They don’t have online delivery or credit card machines, but they do offer a solid New York-style pizza in Schenectady. Another fun twist: This New York pizza parlor is decked out with Red Sox memorabilia, but it is our understanding that they are still willing to serve and tolerate Yankees fans. 

5. Sovrana Pizza  

With stiff wooden benches and the decor of a Bensonhurst corner deli, Sovrana’s might not be the perfect first date spot in Albany. Then again, it might be the perfect choice to gauge exactly how cool your prospective partner is. The pizza is great here and that’s all that should really matter for you two lovebirds.

6. Red Front

Red Front Albany Pizza
Red Front’s pepperoni pie perfection (via Instagram)

Since 1956, Red Front has been a Troy, NY institution for its famed COB Pizza. As in, Cheese On Bottom. The thin crust and sweet tomato sauce shine on this pie while the cheese plays third fiddle, literally and figuratively. 

7. Noho Pizza 

NoHo Pizza Albany Best
Gluten-free and full of cheesy goodness (via Noho’s website)

Using imported grain, Noho Pizza churns ultra-cheesy pizzas that are virtually guaranteed to satisfy everyone at the table. That includes a quality gluten-free pie, which can be customized with any combination of Noho’s 20+ toppings.   

8. Three Brothers Pizza   

This family owned and operated shop knows how to get down: When their 20-inch extra-large pizza just isn’t enough, you can step it up to their 24-inch “Party 24” pie. Perfect for football on Sunday.

9. I Love New York Pizza

Troy’s I Love New York Pizza offers up the NYC experience in the Capital Region with a no-frills setup, thin-crust slices, and thicker Sicilian pies. Plenty of great choices here, but we’re personally partial to their Sicilian Spicy Red Rooster with their signature spicy pizza sauce, provolone, grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, and red pepper flakes.  

10. Gusto’s Pizza

Gusto’s makes a quality pizza, but no order would be complete without an order of their oversized and super-sauced wings. Get your wings on-the-bone, or boneless, but do not skip the blue cheese.

11. Giusseppe’s

Not sure if you want to order Pizza, Thai, or Tex-Mex? Giusseppe’s in Watervliet won’t make you choose. Their Spicy Thai Chicken Pizza might not be italiano classico, but it’s definitely tasty and reminiscent of Bangkok’s popular mashup pies. Or, maybe you’re feeling the Nacho Supreme Pizza, topped with lots of chips, cheese, taco meat, and all of the nacho fixins.

12. Kay’s Burden Lake Restaurant Averill Park, NY 

Since the late ‘50s, Kay’s has served some of the Capital District’s tastiest pies. If you’re a meat lover and you’re ordering just one pizza (for some reason), make it the Kay’s Special, piled high with sausage, mushrooms, and peppers.

13. Romo’s Pizza, Glenmont 

Romo’s prides itself on house-made apps, desserts, and strong Sicilian squares, making it one of the more popular shops in this Albany suburb. 

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