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How Slice Drives Loyalty

By this time, you know how important repeat customers are for your business. Slice is here to keep your regulars rotating in week after week and to convert less-frequent diners into familiar faces. Our technology gives you an edge when it comes to generating loyalty; we combine data, behaviors, and rewards for an irresistible formula… Continue Reading arrow

Anatomy of an Effective Website

What stands between you and a new customer? You might think it’s your menu, but it’s probably an earlier introduction than that: your website. Restaurants are one of the most highly searched industries online, and in one study, over 90% of participants reported using a mobile web browser to search for dining options. So what… Continue Reading arrow

The Power of SEO

Having a website, no matter what kind, is somewhat like opening a brick and mortar business. Just because you have the sign up outside that first day, it doesn’t mean anyone is going to know to stop by! SEO is the digital version of that scenario. Short for “search engine optimization,” SEO is the process… Continue Reading arrow

The Importance of Driving Loyalty

If you had to choose between gaining 10 new customers tomorrow or seeing 5 regulars this week, which would you pick? Based on sheer volume, it may seem like the 10 new faces equal more sales, but don’t discount the importance of repeat business. In fact, increasing retention by as little as 5% can up… Continue Reading arrow

Online Review Management: Best Practices

Word of mouth will always be king when it comes to getting  new business, and reviews are much the same. In fact, 84% of people trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation! It should go without saying that it’s valuable to pay attention to your online reviews, but guidelines on how to… Continue Reading arrow

Online Review Management and Why it Matters

Out of all the marketing tools your business can lean on to succeed, word of mouth is probably one of the most vital. Just one customer’s positive testimonial can drive tons of traffic to your door, but in the exact reverse, an especially bad review can be like a warning sign for business. You don’t… Continue Reading arrow

Ask the Expert: Google My Business Listings

It’s critical your pizzeria is visible to the thousands of people searching on Google for pizza. We’ve asked our VP of Search Engine Optimization, Ratish Naroor, to answer the most common questions we receive around Google My Business listings. Our 500+ team with leading experts that can support your pizzeria with the latest restaurant technology…. Continue Reading arrow

Drive 20% More Orders with Google Assistant and Slice

Google Assistant was created to allow people to instantly search, send messages, play music, dim the lights, adjust the temperature, and more. Now, Google Assistant is changing the way people order food. Slice and Google Assistant: More Technology for Easy Ordering In 2018, Slice was one of the first companies chosen to adopt Google’s new… Continue Reading arrow

How to Optimize Your Yelp Business Profile

Forbes had it right when they said, “We live in a world where your online reputation can be your strongest asset or your biggest liability.” Now multiply that by 10. That’s the value of an online reputation to a small business owner, and review sites like Yelp are right at the heart of it. Cleaning… Continue Reading arrow