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How to Protect Your Pizzeria Against GMB Scammers

With an average of 3.4 billion scams and robocalls reported per month, it’s important to know how to protect yourself and your team. In particular, Google has reported several incidents of third-party companies impersonating Google My Business and trying to mislead unsuspecting business owners into giving away logins and financial information. How does Slice protect… Continue Reading arrow

Finding Your Brand Voice Online

When you pick up the phone to talk to a customer, you know exactly what you should say and how you should say it — you’re kind, respectful, and helpful. Finding your voice on social media is as easy as that. All you need to do to brand yourself online is to understand how to extend… Continue Reading arrow

The Dish on Discounts

3 tips for giving pizza lovers the best deal at your pizzeria We know that your food alone is enough to get customers through your doors, but it’s important to sweeten the deal with a discount in order to increase sales and boost loyalty amongst your customers. According to a study by Oracle Hospitality, a… Continue Reading arrow

Photographing Pizza 101

When it comes to snapping shots of our favorite food, you might have noticed that not everyone has mastered the art of great pizza photography. Getting it right can be difficult! That’s why we’re here with a quick checklist for you to review the next time you’re photographing your delicious creations. Make sure you get…… Continue Reading arrow

4 Ways to Optimize Your Instagram Profile

With the widest demographic across social media users (nearly two-thirds of U.S. adults are on Facebook!), it’s crucial that your page stands out from the competition. Here are some easy tips to get your Facebook listing in tip-top shape: 1. Claim your URL While sites like Twitter and Instagram automagically set up your profile URL… Continue Reading arrow