Introducing Slice Payments and Slice Delivery Management

In just a few short months, Slice Register has become the preferred POS (Point of Sale) system for pizzerias across the U.S. Now, we’re excited to share even more tools to make your business better than ever. Say hello to Slice Payments and Slice Delivery Management, the fresh new features that will save you time and money as you drive even more orders.

What Is Slice Register?

Slice Register is the mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) system that enables independent pizzerias to compete with the likes of Domino’s. Now, shop owners can take orders and manage every aspect of their business — anywhere, anytime. With key insights, easy customer engagement, and small business-friendly pricing, it’s already revolutionized thousands of Slice shops nationwide.        

What is Slice Payments?

Slice Payments is an in-store payment platform that offers simple, affordable processing. For shops, that means immediate savings and even more reorders from satisfied customers. 

The best part? With Slice Payments, shops can cash out daily. That’s right — no more waiting all week for greedy apps like Grubhub to send your hard-earned dollars.              

How Will Slice Delivery Management Improve My Pizzeria?

In short, it’s the long-awaited solution for your pizzeria’s biggest pain points. Instead of those unreliable apps, Slice Delivery Management handles order batching and routing with ease. Meanwhile, both you and your hungry customers can track every delivery in real time. In other words, it gives you all the tools you need without the headaches and sky-high fees (We’re looking at you, Uber Eats.)  

What If I Don’t Have Slice Register Yet?

First of all — what’re you waiting for? You can schedule a free demo in seconds and see why it’s the best POS system for your pizzeria.  However, if you’re not ready to ditch your old POS, you can still sign up for Slice Payments and take advantage of our industry-low fees. Slice Delivery Management, meanwhile, is available exclusively to Slice Register users.   

Ready to grow the pie with Slice Payments and Slice Delivery Management? Learn more and get started today. 

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