How Slice Drives Loyalty

By this time, you know how important repeat customers are for your business. Slice is here to keep your regulars rotating in week after week and to convert less-frequent diners into familiar faces. Our technology gives you an edge when it comes to generating loyalty; we combine data, behaviors, and rewards for an irresistible formula… Continue Reading arrow

The Importance of Driving Loyalty

If you had to choose between gaining 10 new customers tomorrow or seeing 5 regulars this week, which would you pick? Based on sheer volume, it may seem like the 10 new faces equal more sales, but don’t discount the importance of repeat business. In fact, increasing retention by as little as 5% can up… Continue Reading arrow

The Dish on Discounts

3 tips for giving pizza lovers the best deal at your pizzeria We know that your food alone is enough to get customers through your doors, but it’s important to sweeten the deal with a discount in order to increase sales and boost loyalty amongst your customers. According to a study by Oracle Hospitality, a… Continue Reading arrow