How Slice Drives Loyalty

By this time, you know how important repeat customers are for your business. Slice is here to keep your regulars rotating in week after week and to convert less-frequent diners into familiar faces. Our technology gives you an edge when it comes to generating loyalty; we combine data, behaviors, and rewards for an irresistible formula that catches customers right when they’re craving you most.

Loyalty Program

After a customer places an order on Slice, they instantly become a part of our loyalty marketing program. It’s much more than simply rewards, though — customers receive personalized reminders and incentives to reorder, all customized for their favorite local pizzeria, delivered to their phone via text and email. If one of your regulars religiously orders Friday night at 6 PM so it’s hot and ready after work, Slice will be there in his inbox as he’s clocking out, suggesting his regular pepperoni with extra cheese.

Our technology is even sophisticated enough to predict trends during the year, like encouraging orders when the weather is dreary and people don’t feel like going out. The loyalty program also utilizes rewards for reordering, so people keep coming back for more.

Data-Driven Insights

Customer service is another huge element of generating devoted customers, and Slice offers our local pizzerias a wealth of data so they can deliver the best pizza and customer experience possible. With Slicelink, for example, you can optimize your order confirmation times and shoot to increase your customer retention rate by 10% overall.

You can also rest easy knowing that Slice’s customer service team is standing behind you 24/7 to process every order correctly and efficiently.  

Marketing Tools

How important is social media and other marketing channels to encouraging repeat business? Absolutely vital. Repeat customers don’t need to be convinced to stop in or order — often, they just need to be reminded. Our marketing strategy employs custom social media posts, emails, push notifications, and giveaways to keep your pizza top of mind.

To learn more about how to keep customers coming back to your business, click here.

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