Halloween Pizzeria Prep: Tips, Tricks (and Treats!) to Get Ready for the Holiday

October is known as the busy season in the pizza biz. On Halloween alone, pizzerias typically see a 30% increase in orders with our online ordering. Year after year, we see many shops succeed on Halloween, while others are caught off guard and struggle to meet the holiday demand. Here are some tried-and-true Halloween pizzeria tips to help you prepare:

Update Your Hours

Since Halloween falls on a Monday, we recommend double checking your hours on your Owner’s Portal. If your shop is usually closed or closes early, think about opening and staying open later for the holiday. Trust us when we say that you won’t want to miss this boost in business.

Need help adjusting your hours? Reach out to your Partner Success Manager here.

Staff Accordingly 

The weekend before Halloween should be busy, too. Make sure you have the hands you need to make, ring up, and deliver all the pizza ordered. If staff aren’t scheduled, add them now and get them ready for the rush.

Have Candy Handy

Spooky and sweet touches go a long way on Halloween. Celebrate with customers, new and old, by passing out candy with pickup orders. You can even opt into our Trick, Treat, & Takeout Map where we’re promoting trick-or-treat-friendly shops from October 24 through October 31. This extra marketing is totally free and includes emails, push notifications, texts, and more. 

Make Your Shop Spooky

Why stop at just having candy? Another Halloween pizzeria tip is to make your shop stand out and have extra curb appeal with Halloween decorations. You can even have staff come in costume to turn pizza night into a full-fledged Halloween experience. 

Capitalize on Halloween Week

From fixing store signage, putting flyers in bags, to hyping specials on social media, the smallest marketing moves add up. Now’s the time to brainstorm ways to get this new wave of holiday customers reordering once Halloween is over. 

Slice is all about marketing your shop for special days like Halloween, too. We send thematic communications — emails, phone alerts, and more! — on your behalf to entice your customers to place scary-big orders.

Want more Halloween pizzeria tips and to make an even bigger impact? Check out our Advanced Marketing Services. We recommend starting with a digital advertising push — you’ll reach new customers and regulars across Facebook and Google with custom ads that link directly to your menu. Learn more about how they work (and our super-fast turnaround time).

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