Restaurant Marketing Tips to Sell More Pizza

Every shop in your area claims to have the best pizza in town. So, how can you make your pizzeria stand out from the rest? These days, restaurant marketing is everything. But, you only have so many hours in a day. Don’t worry – we’re here with inspiration, ideas, and low-cost solutions to help you drive more sales than ever.                   

In this article, we’ll explore:

  • What Is Restaurant Marketing?
  • Does Marketing Increase Restaurant Sales?
  • How Do I Make My Restaurant a Brand?
  • How Much Does Restaurant Marketing Cost?

What Is Restaurant Marketing?

Restaurant marketing is when you promote and showcase your restaurant to potential customers with the goal of ultimately winning their business. Restaurant marketing is the key to growing your customer base, building strong relationships, and, most importantly, driving revenue. In fact, it’s critical to your short-term and long-term success, because word-of-mouth advertising will only get you so far. 

In other words, even if you have the best pepperoni slice in town, that won’t necessarily equate to having the largest audience. The restaurant biz is tough, and the pizza industry is especially competitive. Therefore, customers need more than just good food and customer service to try your shop and return on a regular basis — they need you to tell them and show them why your shop is the one to order from.

Does Marketing Increase Restaurant Sales?

As a restaurant owner, you already know the value of friendly service. Striking up a conversation with a fresh face or having a quick chat with a regular can make a world of difference. Now, just imagine the power of recreating that experience for all of your customers, including the ones you haven’t met yet.

Shops that have a consistent marketing strategy see real results such as:

  • Attracting new customers
  • Driving customer retention and loyalty
  • Building connections with local chefs for crossover opportunities  
  • Increasing brand awareness (more on that in a bit)
  • Creating buzz that can lead to expansion opportunities
  • … and more!    

How Do I Make My Restaurant a Brand? 

The term “brand” may make you think of Apple or the New York Yankees, but your local shop also has a brand. Are you known for the cheesiest calzone or the fastest delivery in your area? That’s a key part of your brand. But, beyond the basics, you gain customers — and encourage loyalty — through a wide range of channels. 

You won’t become the next Starbucks overnight, but these expert tips from Slice’s Head of Brand and Creative Terrence Morash are a great place to start.

Keep Your Brand Consistent

“First, choose one logo and use consistent colors. Look around and take pictures of all the different logos and colors you are using to represent your shop. As a practical suggestion, you may want to use whatever logo appears on your main signage. [That’s] likely the most expensive thing to replace.”

Highlight What Makes You Unique  

“Do you have a signature dish or a particular method of cooking? Let people know about it! When you have something that makes you special, it becomes something that customers will remember about your brand. For example, Pizza Brain in Philly. Not only do they have great pizza, but they also have a pizza museum that elevates the experience to make it even more memorable.”

Spread The Word to Your Staff

“Your brand extends across every touchpoint. Use that newly established logo and color everywhere. The more people see it, the more they will recognize it. But, also, remind all of your workers that they represent your brand. The way they drop off a pie for delivery is just as important as the look of your menu. These are the things that customers will remember.”

How Much Does Restaurant Marketing Cost?  

Generally, small businesses are advised to put 2-10% of their sales towards marketing. However, that’s not a hard and fast rule. A brand new pizzeria, for example, may look to spend more in the first couple of months to generate more awareness. Meanwhile, if the budget for your well-established shop is on the tighter side, one-tenth of net sales won’t be feasible.

Just like every facet of your business, restaurant marketing comes down to a dollars-and-cents calculation. Traditional advertising can get pricey in a hurry. But, fortunately, organic social media is totally free. Then, to spark more interest, you can boost your Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok posts with paid posts. Still, there’s more to restaurant marketing than just tasty pizza pics. Therefore, you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in that social media basket. 

That’s why over 18,000 pizzerias rely on Slice for effective restaurant marketing with small business-friendly pricing. In addition to 24/7 service and low, flat per-order rates, Slice’s brings you turnkey solutions such as:

Digital Restaurant Marketing Made For Pizza 

Email and SMS reminders are essential for driving reorders and customer loyalty. Slice has it down to a science. Their expert team will turn first-time customers into regulars — at no additional cost.

SEO Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what enables businesses to rank at the top of Google. With Slice, your shop will have its very own mobile-friendly website, designed specifically to capture hungry new customers looking for pizza. 

Google My Business Support

In addition to your custom website, Slice’s SEO experts will optimize your GMB (Google My Business) listing to take your traffic to new heights. 

Social Media Campaigns and Promotions 

Slice was made for pizza people, by pizza people. That’s why Slice’s deals, discounts, and campaigns are designed to drive more sales for you. Plus, you’ll also have access to Slice-funded promo codes to drive more business than ever before.

Pizzeria owners: What’re you waiting for? Learn more about Slice and sign up today. 

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