Slice’s 2021 Year in Review

You spent how many minutes listening to Certified Lover Boy?! Oh, sorry, wrong 2021 wrap-up. Today, we’re looking back at all of your delicious accomplishments in the world of pizza.

Your insatiable appetite for serving the community lifted the independent pizza industry to new heights. That’s not just a holiday platitude — we accomplished a lot this year, and we’ve got the receipts to prove it.       

Slice Year in Review

Slice Year in Review

You saved $112 million by partnering with Slice instead of third-party apps.

You already know that DoorDash & co. take up to 30% from every order. That’s enough to eat up all of your profits. Fortunately, you steered customers to Slice over GrubHub, Uber Eats, and the rest. In turn, you kept more of your hard-earned dough.

Slice Year in Review

You made pepperoni pizza the No. 1 ranked menu item of the year. 

Some trends never go out of style — pepperoni topped the topping chart once again in 2021. This year alone, y’all fired up over 40,000 of them! According to our scientific analysis, that’s approximately 1.3 million pieces of pepperoni nationwide!

Naturally, you made more than just pepperoni pizza this year, because variety is the spice of life on Slice. Rounding out the top five: mushrooms, extra cheese, sausage, and onions.  Better luck next year, anchovies.

You helped welcome ~3,500 new shops to Slice!

Did you know that Slice is now approaching 18,000 in-network shops? Meanwhile, we’re planning on welcoming even more to the fold in 2022 — successfully refer a pizzeria today and earn some extra $$. 

You helped us, help you, sell even more delicious food.

That was a mouthful. What we’re trying to say is that we banded together to launch some tasty new products and programs for Slice shops across the U.S. Check this list (twice, even) because these are our industry’s best tools since the pizza cutter: 

Slice Year in Review

…And we’re just getting started!

That’s a wrap on the Slice Year in Review. Stay tuned, because we’re going to save you even more time and money in 2022. 

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