The 5 Least Popular Pizza Toppings

There’s no such thing as bad pizza, but some pizza toppings are more popular than others. These are the five least popular pizza toppings out there:


Anchovy pizza: you either love it or hate it. Turns out, most people hate it.

In a recent poll, Slice learned that 24% of pizza eaters are feeling the fish, but 76% want nothing to do with them. Yup, anchovies are one of the least popular pizza toppings out there.

It only makes sense. Visually, anchovy pizza isn’t all that appealing. Meanwhile, many aren’t accustomed to the combination of fish and cheese. But, those that love anchovies on pizza are all about the saltiness and the pungent aroma.

If you’ve been afraid to jump into the deep end, here’s something to consider: most pizza chefs used to place anchovies on the pizza before the baking process, amplifying the fishy flavor to ludicrous levels. But, these days, anchovies are usually added after the pizza comes out of the oven, which makes for a less intense and more delicious experience.


Kids tend to love pineapple on pizza – and some adults do, too – but on the whole, pineapple doesn’t get a lot of love as a pizza topping.  

You’ll find “Hawaiian” pies on the menu at a lot of pizzerias, but the fruit + ham combo isn’t all that popular.

If you’re among those who appreciate the super sweetness of pineapple, just know that you’re not alone. Also, there is zero shame in ordering a pineapple pizza, no matter what anyone tells you.


Most of us have conquered our youthful fear of broccoli, but few of us have gone so far as to put broccoli on pizza.

Why is that? One reason is that broccoli is sometimes steamed before being placed on a pie, often at the cost of its crunch and flavor. We’ve all been subjected to a substandard slice of broccoli pizza and, for many, that’s a turnoff.

But that shouldn’t scare you off of trying broccoli pizza as an adult. When left in its true form, broccoli maintains its crisp and enhances your pie.

Perhaps, someday, broccoli will work is way off of this list of the least popular pizza toppings. Unfortunately, today is not that day.  


Don’t have a cow. These are just the facts.

Ever wonder why pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and other porky treats are staples of the pizzeria menu, but steak, hamburgers, and ground beef are less common?

It’s simple – beef, generally, does not blend well with pizza. We’ve had some solid cheesesteak slices and meatball pizzas that include some beef in the blend, but, by and large, folks prefer the other white meat on their pizza.


Olives are a fascinating case. It seems like every neighborhood pizza joint offers olives as a pizza topping, yet there aren’t many people who view olives as their go-to pizza topping.

For the most part, the olives that are found on top of pizzas are of the plain ol’ thin-sliced black olive variety. Sure, they have their place, but they don’t offer a ton of flavor outside of the salty brine they’re packed with.

So what are these olives doing on your pizzeria’s toppings list? For one, they’re canned, which means they can be easily stored and at the ready in the kitchen whenever an olive pizza is ordered. The other reason? Thin-sliced black olives are a staple of a meat lover’s pizza and that’s where they truly shine.

Bummed to see one of your favorite toppings on this list? Don’t be! Order the pizza you want and shrug off the haters.

Zach Links is an L.A.-based sports journalist who is equally concerned with the outcome of the game and what he’ll be eating at halftime. In addition to serving as a staff writer for The Sauce, he’s also the lead writer and editor of You can follow him on Twitter @ZachLinks and on Instagram @FatZachLinks.

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