4 Effective Ways to Get Holiday Pizza Orders

The holidays are about to heat up — and so are the holiday pizza orders. After days full of cooking, customers want to get out of the kitchen and order in. Let’s make sure it’s from your restaurant. 

Historically, partner pizzerias see an influx of business before and after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. To maximize orders during these busy stretches, we recommend one or more of these cost-effective marketing services:  

Digital Advertising 

When people want pizza, they often head to search engines and social media to find a spot — make sure your shop is the first thing they see. We offer our partners digital ads for their shops across platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram. Each ad campaign targets people near your shop as well as your past customers. 

Not only do these ads serve as a reminder to order from your shop, they drive directly to your online ordering. Online orders are typically 40% greater than phone or walk-in orders and you won’t pay the pricey fees third-party apps charge.   

Digital advertising is one of the main reasons why shops are increasing their online business. Just look at Italian Touch — they’ve seen an 85% increase in online orders with Advanced Marketing Services tactics. 

Direct Mail

Another way to increase your holiday pizza orders is with direct mail. Direct mail is a great way to get your shop’s name out there, while reminding people to use your online ordering. We design, print, and send personalized postcards to 10,000+ of your neighbors. Each postcard has a scannable QR code that sends recipients straight to your menu. 

Eye-Catching Flyers

Every takeout order is an opportunity to tell customers where to order next time — especially if they found your shop on a delivery app. We make custom flyers promoting your shop’s online ordering and then entice customers to transition with a $10-off promo funded entirely by Slice. Place them in bags, tape them on boxes, or simply place them on your counter. Remember: Every transition to your online ordering means less time on the phone and less fees paid to third-party apps. 

Tamper-Proof Stickers

In recent years, people have become more cautious about food safety and employee hygiene. To ease concern and promote your shop, we’ve designed custom tamper-proof stickers. They keep boxes and bags safe and secure, and send people to your online ordering. Some of the stickers even have a memorable “Pie Q” pizza quiz — give it a try!

Start the Season with Digital Ads

You don’t have to go all in with our Performance Bundle. Pick or choose one or two tactics that work best for your shop. Our recommendation is to start with digital advertising. It’s the most effective way to reach eaters in your area. With just a click, they’re sent directly to your menu.

Interested in hands-off, hassle-free marketing that will drive holiday pizza orders? Let’s get started now. Remember that we can launch your first digital advertising campaign within 48 hours

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