Marketing Tools & Services to Power Your Slice Shop

Slice shops now have access to even more amazing tools at pizzeria-friendly prices. Here’s a taste of our Advanced Marketing Offerings, all designed to bring new business to your digital storefront.

Slice Marketing

At Slice, we continue to empower 18,000+ restaurants with the resources that were once reserved for major chains. In other words, your favorite features and perks — like automated marketing and placement in our top-rated app — are still included with your current package

Now you can top it all off with our Advanced Marketing Offerings. From Digital Advertising to Direct Mail to In-Store Materials, everything is customized to drive loyalty and new customers directly to your shop. 

You’re busy enough as-is. We’re here to make your marketing as efficient and profitable as possible, without all the extra hassle and labor. Let’s take a closer look at each of these new offerings:

Digital Advertising  

It’s all about reaching the right customers in the right places. At Slice, we’ve drawn from over ten years of data and expertise to do just that.    

Our all-new Digital Advertising package helps you target local pizza lovers on Google, Instagram, and Facebook. We’ll handle all the hard stuff — including ad placement, local targeting, and design — while you focus on the food and score more orders than ever. 

Now, you can reach your loyal customers and hungry new ones with personalized branding that brings them straight to your menu page.

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Advanced Marketing Offerings: Direct Mail  

Sure, everyone loves pizza, but we’ve got the data to target the people that really want your pizza. Don’t settle for junk — send mail that actually drives sales.      

Our mailers showcase your shop in mouth-watering detail, including your pizzeria’s name, location, and a special promo code for customers.

Our mail isn’t just effective — it’s cost-effective. Want to reach 20K customers with USPS? Typically, between their fees and a local designer, that’ll cost you around $15,000. With us, it’s only 5 cents per mailer. 

Send customized Direct Mail with Slice.

Advanced Marketing Offerings: In-Store Materials  

You asked, so we delivered. You can’t miss these banners or window clings that will help drive orders to your shop on Slice.  

Plus, we have brand new menu cards to continue to digitally transform your business. These menu cards will directly lead customers to your online menu via a QR code. Unlike regular tri-fold menus that require you to reprint for every change, your menu prices and items will always be up to date. And, since you’ve got the collective buying power of Slice, they’re all brought to you at industry-low rates. 

Drive more orders with our in-store materials.

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