Core Marketing Services from Slice, Explained

If you’re a Slice Premium or Slice Complete customer, you get the benefit of our Core Marketing Services. So, what does that mean for pizzeria owners like you?  

Glad you asked! Here’s a quick look at what you get with our Core Marketing Services.

Email Marketing

Your customers love your pizza. But, sometimes, they need some well-crafted encouragement to place an order. Our automated emails to your customers do just that, reaching them at the exact right time based on their ordering behavior. We send them emails on days they are most likely to order or around pizza-centric cultural events to make sure they are always thinking about your shop. 

App Marketing

Folks tend to cycle between a thousand different apps on their phones. Fortunately, Slice is here to remind them of what matters most: your pizza. Our automated Slice app notifications ensure your shop is top of mind with regulars when they’re hungry and browsing their phone. We’ll send customers a push notification on your behalf so they’re only one click away from ordering. These are especially effective when timely happenings are occurring (such as big sports games or days we know pizza ordering is particularly high!). 

Boosted Search Results

Every month, there are over 6 million Google searches for “pizza near me.” That’s great news, but how do we make sure your pizza shows up at  the top of the page? With our Core Marketing Services, our SEO (search engine optimization) experts help put your shop on top of Google’s rankings. Our team does this by ensuring your site and menu page areand built properly with key words and terms google looks for. That way, the next time a customer in your area is searching for pizza near them

Shop Listing Management

Speaking of SEO, we also optimize your Google My Business (GMB) listing to promote more online orders. These listings include upwards of 20 data fields that are critical to driving sales. GMB management requires lots of expertise and time, so why not leave it to the pros (aka, us!)? With Core Marketing Services, we’ll ensure the following for your GMB listing: 

  • Up-to-date shop info across the board 
  • Professional replies to questions and reviews 
  • Consistent and effective Google promotions
  • Accurate delivery area information
  • and more to drive orders straight to your shop

Social Media Graphic Design

We know that it is challenging to keep up with your social media accounts, when your main focus is on making pizza! That’s why, from three-day-weekends to major sporting events, our graphics library has you covered. Download our expertly designed graphics, post them to Facebook and Instagram, and capture all those hungry local customers.  

Slice National Marketing

From Slice podcast ads to TV commercials, our national marketing campaigns and partnerships promote all our restaurant partners, driving new customers to your shop.  

Core Marketing Services vs. Advanced Marketing Offerings

Want to take full advantage of our expertise and collective buying power? Top off the Core Marketing Services you are already receiving by being a part of Slice with marketing tactics from our Advanced Marketing Offerings! Whether it be direct mail or digital advertising, our Advanced Marketing Offerings help drive even more orders from new and returning customers to your shop. 

Interested in any of the above services or offerings? Contact your Partner Success Manager today.

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