Get Caller ID With Your Slice Register

Want to know who’s calling your shop? With Slice Register’s Caller ID feature, you’ll always know who your customers are so you can turn them into regulars.

Slice Register: The POS Made For Pizzerias   

Slice Register is the first POS (point of sale) system designed just for shops. Created specifically to support the needs of independent pizzerias, Slice Register streamlines staff time and eliminates errors with the best pricing in the biz.

Most POS systems are designed for doctor offices and retail stores who might key in a handful of transactions per hour. Meanwhile, your pizzeria takes orders non-stop, especially on busy Friday and Saturday nights. When your business is split between in-person, online, and phone, you need Slice Register — the POS system that can keep up with it all and streamline everything in one place. 

Now, with Caller ID, Slice Register can save you even more time and drive more sales than ever.

Why Your Shop Needs Caller ID   


Slice Register’s Caller ID allows you to provide a faster and more personalized ordering experience. Now, whenever a customer calls, you can reference their name as soon as the phone rings. That’s not just great for building a rapport — you’ll also save time and increase order accuracy, increasing efficiency and improving the ordering experience for everyone.     

Building Your Caller ID Database 

Caller ID also enables you to build your current customer database with key customer info. When an existing Slice customer calls, their information will immediately populate on the screen. Meanwhile, when first-time Slice customers call, you’ll be able to add their information and store it for future reference.

Yup, it’s really that simple! Now, all you have to do is:

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