Introducing Slice Register: The POS Made for Pizzerias

You don’t just need a POS (Point of Sale) system — you need one made specifically for pizzerias. Slice Register is here to streamline your operations and simplify your life.

More good news: You’ll get all of the necessary equipment — a $3,000 value — for free. This offer is exclusively for Slice shop owners.

With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about Slice Register, the POS that will transform your pizzeria.

What is Slice Register?

Slice Register

Slice Register gives independent pizzerias the advanced technology and data insights they need to compete against Domino’s. Without a doubt, this is the POS that shop owners across the U.S. have been waiting for.

Our one-of-a-kind system takes every type of order and optimizes menus while enabling you to drive sales and customer engagement. Slice Register just launched in 2021, but it’s been in development for over a decade. We acquired InStore and their industry-leading restaurant POS technology. Together, we tailored it for our 18,000+ pizzerias nationwide and made it even stronger.

What is Slice Register Used For?

Don’t let the name fool you – our POS does so much more than payment processing. With Slice Register you can:

Take Any Type of Order

  • Online, in-person, or over the phone: From to-go, to dine-in, to delivery, Slice Register is your go-to for every transaction.
  • Credit cards, cash, and mobile payments: No extra devices. Every form of payment comes directly through the same POS system.

Anywhere, Anytime

  • Slice Ordering = all ordering: Drive sales from every corner of the web. Slice Ordering expands your digital storefront with orders via your website, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Trip Advisor,, and the Slice App.
  • Fully mobile: Slice Register comes pre-installed on a tablet so you can manage your business from the comfort of your couch.  
  • Instant integration: Third-party systems are a pain when it comes to online ordering integration. This POS, on the other hand, was built to sync with Slice from Day 1. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Slice Register

  • Automatic reordering reminders: Slice reminds customers to reorder by sending them back to your pizzeria. Email and SMS marketing is a full-time job — leave it to our expert team, at no added cost. 
  • Easy and effective customer engagement: Build even stronger relationships and boost your bottom line. Send Slice-funded promos. Make custom codes to treat first-time and VIP customers.
  • Know your customers: So you can sell them more of the food they love the most. Track individual and overall ordering habits to fine-tune your menu and supercharge average ordering volume.  

Save Time and Money

  • No crazy fees: Just flat, industry-low processing rates, a flat $69/month subscription fee, and one daily payout with Slice Payments. In addition, you’ll get $3,000 worth of tech, absolutely free!
  • No hassles: Pizza is what you do best. Recordkeeping? Not so much. Slice Register saves you time with consolidated offline and online reports.
  • Keep costs low: Your POS does the work of multiple part-timers. Now, you can staff employees when and where you need them with no wasted payroll.

What’re You Waiting For?

When you sign up for Slice Register today, you’ll get all the tech and hardware you need to have the best POS for your pizzeria — all entirely free.

Learn more and sign up today at

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