Slice Shops Star In Pizza Wars

Nicole Russell is on a mission to master her craft. But, first, she must defeat some of the world’s most acclaimed chefs. Naturally, her Pizza Wars have included epic battles with the owners of Slice shops Tony Boloney’s and Lenny’s.

Will the legendary Last Dragon emerge victorious? Or will she be topped by Slice’s black belt pizza partners? There’s only one way to find out:

Pizza Wars: Mike Hauke of Tony Boloney’s   

Mike didn’t blink when we asked him to put Buddy the Elf’s favorite ingredients on a pizza. Surprised? You shouldn’t be — after all, this is the same guy who crafted a crust with nothing but ramen and topped it with all the fixins. Tony Boloney’s is beloved for all things Instagrammable, but can he make a better Frankenslice than Nicole? 

If you’re already hungry, then you’re going to love this episode of Pizza Wars. We won’t spoil your appetite, but you’re about to see an entire rack of slow-cooked short ribs in Mike’s creation. Meanwhile, the Last Dragon has a crazy counterpunch of her own — a bar pie built on popcorn and topped with seafood. 

Oh, we should probably mention that one of these pizzas gets lit on fire. Seriously. You’ve gotta see it to believe it.

Pizza Wars: Josephine Giordano of Lenny’s Pizza   

They say that no one does deep dish like Chicago. Then again, New York is home to some of the tastiest pizza on the planet. So, can two of NYC’s most talented chefs pull it off? Where there’s a will — and an absurd amount of cheese — there’s a way. 

This Pizza Wars showdown saw Nicole duke it out with Josephine from Lenny’s Pizza. Just ask anyone in Bensonhurst (or John Travolta) — no one does thin-crust pizza quite like Lenny’s. But, in this battle of the boroughs, both chefs had to dig deep: 

For more jaw-dropping deliciousness, check out the entire first season of Pizza Wars by First We Feast.

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