Score Pizza, Knots, and Soda for March Madness with Slice’s Three Pointer Deal

It’s time for upsets, swishes, and lots of delicious dishes with your squad. Slice’s Three Pointer Deal is here to make the crowd go wild. This March Madness deal gets you a large cheese pizza, garlic knots/bread, and a 2-liter soda for as little as $18.99. 

All of the fan favorites are here in one unbeatable deal. Who cares if you bust your bracket? You won’t break the bank as you save on the best pizza, knots, and soda in town. 

Basketball is life, but so is pizza. Also, toppings and sides are always a slam dunk. Pro tip 🏀: You can add anything at the usual price and still save with Slice’s Three Pointer Deal. 

Want to make this the tastiest tournament yet? Schedule your orders, and double orders with ONIONS! 

Onion Rings

Golden, crispy, and gloriously greasy, they’re a guaranteed winner. 

White Pizza with Caramelized Onions

A simple sauceless pie with caramelized onions? Awesome, baby!  

Salad with Onions

So, you decided to be a Joe Rogan keto warrior here in March, when all of your friends are getting pizzeria classics. Not ideal, but you can still get in the huddle with a low-carb salad, topped with raw onions.         

Supreme Pizza 

The mountains of meat on a supreme pizza are always a crowd pleaser. Plus, it’s the perfect way to include a fussy frosh who would otherwise pick their onions off. Please, be nice and let them in on the onion motif. After the game, you can tell them all about the pool on your roof. 

Pizza with Onions, Anchovies, and Garlic

This mix of Provençal staples won’t let you down. Just don’t expect to close your night with a kiss.

Slice’s March Madness Three Pointer Deal is Awesome

So, what’re you waiting for? Get your large cheese pizza, garlic knots/bread, and 2-liter soda today

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