Just 10 Really Cool Pizza Tattoos

With the news of Pete Davidson covering up his tattoos accrued during his whirlwind romance with Ariana Grande, we decided to take a look at some indelible examples of pizza marked in ink. Because unlike young love thrust into the public spotlight and scrutiny, pizza is eternal. We were rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!

Did Someone Say Upgrade?

We’re excited to share with you all the things we’ve been working on. First off, we’ve added ratings and reviews, so it’s easier than ever to enjoy the best local pizza your city has to offer. Also, there’s new ways to pay. You can use Google Pay on the Android app, Apple Pay on the iOS app, and PayPal on Slice web

Your Next Great American Pizza Road Trip

Built from humble origins and perfected over trials and recipes, the pizza has retained its integrity throughout the years of consumption and reinvention. Its beloved status as one of America’s favorite foods carries an unparalleled level of fervor. So much that there are still countless and more times than not, heated debates regarding the perfect pie amongst its variations. This enthusiasm comes from loyalty to regional variations that have sprung up between coasts. With creative freedom and innovative spirit, these pizzas have landed a spot on our list of ones to watch out for.

The Best Guide To Pairing Pizza and Beer

They say nothing goes down easier than pizza and beer. Well maybe more pizza. But we digress. The combination is a fail-safe for no matter where you are in life, from a first-is-this-a-date to hosting a late night movie-thon with friends. And with so many options and delivery places, it can be a little daunting. What really does go well with a post-bar-pepperoni-slice? Or mushrooms (on his half)? We wouldn’t expect you to go at it alone, so here are a few suggestions when it comes to pairing pizza with beer.

Wine in One Hand, Pizza in the Other: Our Guide to the Best Pairings

Nothing says self-care more than holing up on a Friday night with a pie from a local pizzeria and a glass of wine. We firmly believe that all wine is good, whether it comes from a box or a bodega. But like your friend who took that one sommelier class says, wine has notes that should be listened to. And so does pizza. And with the right pairings, music can be made.

Leave the bottle on your way out, won’t you?