The Best Guide To Pairing Pizza and Beer

They say nothing goes down easier than pizza and beer. Well maybe more pizza. But we digress. The combination is a fail-safe for no matter where you are in life, from a first-is-this-a-date to hosting a late night movie-thon with friends. And with so many options and delivery places, it can be a little daunting. What really does go well with a post-bar-pepperoni-slice? Or mushrooms (on his half)? We wouldn’t expect you to go at it alone, so here are a few suggestions when it comes to pairing pizza with beer.



We’ll start off with the tried-and-true: pepperoni, a meat that’s almost as faithful as Lassie. The only thing that can cut through sharp saltiness of the salami is a good bitter Double IPA. Though its causity can be more of an acquired taste, the IPA plays bad-cop to the good-cop pepperoni and this tactic has yet to fail.

Sausage, Mushroom, Green Peppers

Everyone’s got their favorites and this flavor-packed combination is up there. Since there’s already enough going on, it requires something that doesn’t bog it down with more. The subtle sweetness of a Chocolate Stout or dark beer will pair well with the earthy undertones.

Meat, Meat, and More Meat

Easy there, carnivore. Make sure to chew thoroughly and wash it all down with a Belgian Witbier. The high carbonation of the wit is a nice contrast to the meat variations. The tart undertones will also help curb the heavier toppings.


If you’re balking at even the mere thought of pineapples on your pizza, better be ready to have your world turned upside down. This combination can be somewhat polarizing but paired with a light Hefeweizen, this choice pie is sure to change a few minds. The citrus brightens up the sweet combination of tomato and pineapple while enhancing the salty ham.

Buffalo Chicken

Buffalo chicken is a bold choice and should be met with its equivalent. An Amber Lager will embrace the hot and spicy with a nice malty finish. Robust with hints of caramel, a lager can hold its own against the sauce and ranch combos.


There’s nothing like a simple and nostalgic Margherita slice. With no need to complicate things, we recommend an airy Czech-style Pilsner. A light lager will sharpen the combination of flavors without distracting from the basil and sweet tomato base.

Plain Cheese, Thank You Very Much

Much like the queen in chess, a cheese pizza is humble yet holds the greatest power. Many beer options could disrupt its simplicity which is why we chose to pair our slice with a light Pale Ale. Going down clean and smooth, it retains enough bitterness for the cheese while keeping itself in check as to not overpower the star of the show.


– Amanda Yam

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