Wine in One Hand, Pizza in the Other: Our Guide to the Best Pairings

Nothing says self-care more than holing up on a Friday night with a pie from a local pizzeria and a glass of wine. We firmly believe that all wine is good, whether it comes from a box or a bodega. But like your friend who took that one sommelier class says, wine has notes that should be listened to. And so does pizza. And with the right pairings, music can be made.

Leave the bottle on your way out, won’t you?


White Pesto

The creamy base is balanced well with the rich undercurrents of the crowd-pleasing Pinot Noir. The aromatic wine also complements the nutty pesto, elevating the already sophisticated dish. A bubbly chilled Champagne would also make a great companion to a comparable white pizza.

Veggie and Sauvignon Blanc.png


A cool, crisp white wine should do the trick. Consider a bright and bold Sauvignon Blanc to underscore the notes of the pungent onions and sharp peppers and olives. A bonus: the pairing helps refresh the palate between slices.



Syrah’s distinctively sharp black pepper and currant tones reinforce the pepperoni’s own strong profile of spices and salt. Considered one of the darker reds, this full bodied wine has enough bite to compete and not overwhelm the hearty smoked meat.



Dark heavier bodied wines would overwhelm the already subtle pizza. Instead, choose a fruity Rosé, a fun summery companion to the equally bright Margherita. A Rosé highlights the fragrance of the fresh basil and tomatoes without distracting from the romance of the beloved Margherita slice.

– Amanda Yam

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