How to Choose the Best POS System for Your Restaurant

Finding the best POS system for your restaurant can be overwhelming. There are lots of platforms on the market, and they all claim to be a great fit for the food industry. But, most are really suited for other types of businesses. Choosing the best POS system one for your restaurant is critical — the best POS for retail probably won’t let you update your menu or integrate with online ordering partners. On the other hand, the right POS system can make your restaurant better than ever. Not sure what to look for?  Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.          

In this article, we’ll explore:

  • What Is a POS System?
  • What Is a mPOS System?
  • How Do I Choose a POS System?

What Is a POS System?

A POS (Point Of Sale) system allows restaurant owners to process credit card payments, track sales, and monitor inventory. 

  • A POS system is your register, payment processor, and bookkeeper, all rolled into one. It’s a must-have for small business owners in the digital age.
  • The best POS system will be equipped to handle cash, credit card, and mobile payments. 
  • The ideal POS system will also enable you to track ordering habits, driving customer loyalty and average order volume.   

What Is a mPOS System?

An mPOS (mobile Point Of Sale) system syncs with tablets, smartphones, and other wireless devices for on-the-go convenience. Ever use an iPad to order from a food truck? That’s an mPOS system. They’re usually the best choice for restaurants too. An mPOS system can take online, phone, and dine-in orders with ease.

How Do I Choose a POS System?

First, consider your goals, and pain points. Your POS system shouldn’t be as pricey or complicated as a hospital’s POS system. A platform specifically tailored to your restaurant’s needs won’t just take money — it’ll help you make more money.

What Should I Look For In a POS System?

Your POS system should:

  • Accept credit cards, cash, and mobile payments: A POS that requires an extra device for any of those methods is not the all-in-one solution you’re looking for.
  • Handle all digital and in-store sales: It’s a lifesaver on busy days. Every pickup, delivery, counter, and dine-in order needs to flow through the same system.  
  • Easily integrate with your online ordering partner: No muss, no fuss. Poor integration means botched orders and missed opportunities for landing loyal customers. 
  • Track customer ordering habits: Cooking is an art. But, restaurant sales are a science. Your POS is more than just a till. Choose a POS that will give you the data you need to improve your business and build stronger customer relationships.      
  • Low setup cost: Some POS systems are expensive up-front. Others charge crazy fees per transaction. Pick a POS system that is fairly priced for small businesses.  And, remember, time is money, so choose a POS system with quick and simple setup. 
  • Keep data secure: Otherwise, your customers’ credit card info could fall into the wrong hands.

What Is Slice Register? 

If you’re ready to purchase a POS system, look no further than Slice Register. Our register is a POS system that was designed specifically for independent pizzerias.  Now, local shops have the technology and insights to serve today’s digital-minded customers, leveling the playing field against the big chains. With Slice Register, you can:

Take Orders From Anywhere

  • Receive every online, phone, and in-person order in one easy-to-use system. 
  • Integrate with Slice Ordering for direct orders via your website, Google, social media,, and the Slice App.

Customize and Optimize Your Restaurant

  • Adjust orders, quickly and easily.
  • Handle high-volume shifts with ease. No more missed orders.

Cut Costs 

  • Skip the crazy processing fees. Slice Register includes Slice Payments, which keeps things simple and affordable.
  • Reduce your payroll. Slice Register does the work of multiple employees.   
  • Get one consolidated daily payout for all online and dine-in orders. (Time is money.)

Boost Your Bottom Line

  • Ensure accurate menus, pricing, and time estimates to improve the customer’s experience and drive loyalty.   
  • Get real-time business activity, update menus, and more from Slice’s mobile-friendly online dashboard.

Know Exactly What Your Customers Want 

  • Reach new customers through Slice-funded promos.
  • Create unique promos to reward specific VIPs and turn new customers into regulars.
  • Catch every hungry customer, automatically. Slice’s email and mobile reminders are personalized to their ordering habits.

Get Real Support, Anytime  

  • Reach an actual human 24/7 when you need assistance. No endless wait times. No bots. 
  • We’re the No. 1 rated customer service team for pizzeria owners, and we’re here for you.

Let’s Get Started

Want to learn more about Slice Register? We’ll ring you up.

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