National Pizza Day, Slice-by-Slice

National Pizza Day is the best holiday of the year, hands-down. Think about it. The feast is pre-carved, the cleanup is cake, and the cake can be subbed for cannolis. What’s not to love?

Frankly, it’s the celebration you deserve. This past year was tough, and doubly challenging for restaurants. But, with a shared passion for pizza, both you and your neighborhood shops made it through. Check out the full report here and read below for a sneak peek. 

A global pandemic happened, so pizza adapted

Local pizzerias adapted quickly to serve their local communities. All across the U.S., Slice’s 14,500 shops offered contact-free delivery for the very first time. Plus, they introduced curbside pickup and cash-free ordering to ensure that nothing stood in the way of your slice. It was unprecedented, and it wasn’t easy, but it was hugely appreciated by pizza lovers everywhere. 

We brought Pizza to the Polls

On Election Day, we delivered Pizza to the Polls to make the long lines a little less boring. 

All in all, Slice brought 69,836 pies to voters across 48 states! And, this just in: Your donations topped $1.5 million (!) in total. Once again, a tip of the chef’s cap to you.    

You #CantStopPizza…

Offices? Schools? Stores? Closed. 

Pizzerias? Open for business to feed our frontline heroes. 

With your donations to #PizzaVsPandemic, we fed roughly 235,000 healthcare and emergency staffers. But, that’s not all. The generosity of chewers like you also drove orders for 2,000+ Slice shops who were hit hard by the pandemic. 

Hungry for more? 

For the full serving of our crusty numbers crunch, check out The State Of Local Pizza.

Then, head to the Slice app for the National Pizza Day celebration you deserve.

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