Your Slice Customized Restaurant Website Puts Your Shop First

Slice shops — check out your freshly renovated digital storefront! Your all-new Slice restaurant website puts your pizza front and center, enabling you to score more orders than ever. 

So, what’s new on your menu page? Let’s dive in.

The Science Behind Your Site

Those third-party delivery aggregators would rather push your would-be business to fast food chains. As your first-party partner, Slice is here to drive orders to your pizzeria. So, naturally, we built your Slice restaurant website to boost your sales and your bottom line. 

Why? Because even highly motivated online consumers tend to get sidetracked. Studies show that over 33% of shoppers leave their cart empty or abandoned.

Your Shop, On Top

Can’t miss it! Your shop’s name, branding, delicious pizza, and “Order Now” button have all gone extra large. Now, customers will go from checking out your food to checkout in an instant.         

More Appetite Appeal

Nothing drives orders like your tastiest food pictures, so we supersized ‘em to give customers more of what they love. Pro tip: You can take professional-level pictures in a snap with our how-to guide.    

Coming Soon: Customize Your Branding  

With Slice restaurant websites, you’ll be able to choose your own colors and font to match your shop’s unique branding. Or, if you like the Slice red-and-white, you can keep it as-is. Either way, we’ll handle all the updates, saving you serious time and money on website management.   

Why Should I Upgrade to Slice Premium or Slice Complete?

Slice’s upgraded plans offer so much more than just customized websites. Our all-in-one solution brings you the industry’s best POS, data-driven delivery management, global marketing support, and all the tech tools you need to thrive. Learn more here.

Questions? Contact your Partner Success Manager via email or phone. We’re always here to help.

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