Pizza Photography 101: Increase Orders With the Right Photos

Customers order what they can see. Adding photos to your menu can increase sales by up to 20%! It’s an easy, effective way to increase sales but when it comes to snapping shots of our favorite food, you might have noticed that not everyone has mastered the art of great pizza photography. Getting it right can be difficult! That’s why we’re here with a quick checklist for you to review the next time you’re photographing your delicious creations. Make sure you get…

The Right Lighting

Much like the ingredients in your pizza, keeping things as natural as possible is great when it comes to lighting. Broad daylight can be a bit harsh, so try to keep things bright and soft. Sunlight filtered through a light curtain, or even a flashlight through an apron can help. A good guideline is that you’d probably want the same lighting as you do for a portrait of a person.

The Right Toppings

And also like portraits of people, not every pizza is born to be a supermodel. When thinking about pizza photography, try to cut those delicious toppings carefully so that the customer can see what they really are, and also try to go a little lighter on your sauce and cheese to bring out the focus on the toppings. Sprinkling on fresh herbs after the pizza is cooked is also a great way to add some brightness to it.

The Right Flavor Cues

New garlic, tomato, and parmesan featured pizza on your menu? Take a slightly wider-angle photo with “flavor cues” around your pizza, including tomatoes and bulbs of garlic and blocks of parmesan in the background. They’re a nice, subtle way of getting the flavor across quickly to your customers.

The Right Angles

Different pizzas require different angles. For instance, shooting directly on top of a plain cheese pizza might not get you the most delectable results, especially if you’re not a professional photographer. And trying to do a shot of a hand lifting a slice up when it’s covered in toppings that might fall off is just as tricky. Play around until you find an angle that works for you.

The Right Photographer

Sometimes, you’ve just got to hire a professional. If you’re taking photos of pizza for your website, menu, or other professional material, you might want to consider hiring a photographer who specializes in food. Pizza photography is tricky for even the best shutterbugs! Investing in a set of beautiful photos of your food is one investment that could pay off for years.

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