How to Take Great Pizza Pics with Your Phone

Your all-new Slice restaurant website puts your shop’s name, logo, and signature food first. Now, it’s time to take full advantage of the spotlight. In a matter of minutes, we’ll show you how to take pizza pics like a pro and drive even more online orders. 

No fancy camera? No problem! All you really need is fresh pizza, natural light, and these expert tips:         

Great Pizza Pics Start with Great Lighting

Forget your camera’s flash. Do your shoot during the day – near a window or outside —  for the tastiest pizza pics possible. In fact, you should avoid fluorescent or dim lighting, because the sunlight brings out the best in your pie.  

Use Fresh and Unsliced Pizzas

Shoot your food as soon as it’s prepared, while it’s fresh. That’s especially key for pizza, but the same applies to salads, appetizers, and everything else on your menu. 

For truly drool-worthy pictures, be sure to use a large, uncut pie. You may be tempted to slice it, but that can cause the ingredients to flop over.     

Don’t Crop Your Pizza Pics

Most folks will see your food on a smartphone. The bigger the food item is in the photo, the better! Make sure your pizza pic consists of just one pie that takes up the majority of the photo for maximum effect.

Shoot Straight Down 

We’re talking directly overhead. This way, your customer can see the pizza and all its toppings without too many distracting items.

Send Us High-Res Pizza Pics

Photos sent via text message tend to look crummy. Instead, you should upload full-res pictures to your Owner’s Portal or email them directly to your Partner Success Manager.

See? Pretty simple! Now you’re ready to take pizza pics like a pro — just be sure to expense it afterwards! 

Questions? Contact your Partner Success Manager via email or phone. We’re always here to help.Not on Slice? Sign up today.

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