Mario’s Cafe Delivers Food Donations

The delivery drivers at Mario’s Cafe are always ready to bring some of East Greenville, PA’s tastiest pizza to your door. But, during this special time of year, they’ll also shuttle your donations to the local food bank.    

How Mario’s Cafe Gives Back

Customers take a pizza, leave a can of pinto beans, and save two trips, all with a couple of quick taps. It all adds up for the food disadvantaged, especially since Mario’s Cafe matches every donation. 

Uniquely brilliant and thoughtful, it’s the sort of thing that people have come to expect from owners, the Bishop family, over the years. Their business is not a charity, but their charity has made the business a key part of the community. 

“We have an advantage that other businesses don’t have,” owner Doug Bishop said. “We’re out here making deliveries anyway, so why not make the most of it? All they have to do is let the driver know they have something — we’re happy to bring it back to The Open Link.”

How Charity Work Is Good For Business

Don’t worry, Doug — a longtime hospitality and fast food executive — knows what he’s doing. Ditto for his wife/general manager Ginger and son/head pizzaiolo Austin. 

“If people ask us to do something, we will find a way to say yes,” Doug explained. “Doing a raffle and need something for a gift basket? Yes. Gift certificates for a fundraiser? Done. Sometimes, they’ll ask us for 50% off a large order. If they’re raising money for something good, we give them a counter offer — ‘Take the pizzas for free!’”

“The shop has allowed us to build closer relationships with our neighbors. Every day, we’ll see people we know from soccer or church, which is really different from the corporate restaurant world,” Doug explained. “Even if they’re a first-timer from Slice, chances are we already know them through someone on their block. We get new customers all the time, but there’s really no such thing as a stranger.” 

You could test the theory for yourself this week if you’re near Mario’s Cafe in East Greenville. That’s where you’ll find at least one of the Bishops behind the counter, preparing meals for their extended family.

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