Slice’s Pizzeria Score Drives More Sales

Reviews. Ratings. Customer smiles. They’re helpful benchmarks, but they’re just one piece of the pie when it comes to informing a smarter business strategy. Now, with Pizzeria Score, we’re giving shop owners easy access to the insights they need.

What is Slice’s Pizzeria Score?

Uncertain times call for actionable recommendations. Using our analytics and national data, we set out to create a simple way for shops to improve their bottom line. Through our investment, we’ve helped shops working closely with us see unprecedented online revenue.

It’s called Pizzeria Score. In short, we took a deeper dive into what makes a great pizzeria great. Pizzeria Score consolidates our expertise and comprehensive research into one easy-to-use metric for restaurateurs across the U.S.

Airbnb Superhosts and LinkedIn job seekers have clear-cut steps to guide progress and development. The independent pizza industry has never had an equivalent program — until now. 

How Does It Help Shops?

A successful pizzeria takes more than dough, sauce, and cheese. Above all, a thriving digital storefront needs:

  • Strong branding
  • Fast and easy online and app ordering
  • Personalized marketing for return business
  • And stellar customer service

Meanwhile, the pizza business leaves little time to track all the different data points. Pizzeria Score brings them all together in one user-friendly interface. With those insights, small business owners can quickly pinpoint their weaknesses and identify growth opportunities.

How Does Pizzeria Score Work?

Shops start with a ranking of Okay, Good, Great, or All-Star. In testing, pizzerias that progressed to All-Star often doubled or tripled their monthly sales. But, that’s not all. Those standout shops also fostered a stronger connection with their customers, building loyalty for the long-term.   

And, with dedicated Account Managers, there’s help every step of the way. From menu customization to complete search engine optimization, owners are always one call away from expert support, at no extra cost.  

For us, Pizzeria Score is more than a program; it’s the reflection of our ethos. While third-party aggregators drive users to fast food, Slice transforms new customers into regulars. For independent pizzerias, that means larger orders and sustainable growth to thrive against the conglomerates.

Slice shop owner? Check your Pizzeria Score in the Owner’s Portal today.

Not on Slice yet? See why we’re the trusted first-party partner for 13,000+ shops nationwide.

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