Why You Need to Put Hot Honey on Your Pizza

Parmesan. Oregano. Crushed red pepper. Mike’s Hot Honey.  

How did spicy honey become a pizza topping?

When Mike Kurtz studied abroad in Brazil, he learned that their pizza is… decidedly different. The tuna-topped pies weren’t much to write home about, but Mike was infatuated with one shop’s chili-infused honey. Laced with locally-grown peppers, it was delicious and downright addictive. But, back in the U.S., honey-on-pizza was unheard of.  

After months of tinkering, toiling, and tasting, Mike crafted his very own recipe. Years later, he worked for Brooklyn pizzaiolo Paulie Gee and worked up the courage to introduce his concoction. Once Paulie drizzled it on The Dellboy — his soppressata-topped signature — it turned into a permanent fixture. The pie, rechristened as The Hellboy, became the stuff of legend.   

Customers couldn’t get enough, so Mike started bottling and selling his spicy honey off of the pizzeria’s bar. Turns out, it was more than a novelty — it was newsworthy.  When Mike was featured on CBS This Morning in 2016, things truly popped off. 

These days, it’s not hard to find a shop with Mike’s Hot Honey on Slice. And, if you can’t, your grocery store probably has you covered.

It’s okay to be skeptical. After all, the notion of putting sugary stuff on pizza is polarizing, to say the least. But, with its mix of sweet and heat, it’s the best friend that pizza never knew it had. 

So, what’re you waiting for? Order your favorite pie with a side of Mike’s Hot Honey now

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