7 Heroic Stories About Pizza Workers That Will Warm Your Heart

There are no groceries in the house, it’s snowing out, and your hunger is crossing over to hanger territory.

Then you get a visit from your local pizza delivery driver, who has several hot pies just for you. And, at that moment, he’s a hero in your eyes.

And rightly so. But, believe it or not, there are pizza workers out there who’ve completed way more valiant acts in the name of their customers. And we’re not just talking about the noble gesture of keeping your appetite satiated.

We’re talking about real superhero-style work — pizza delivery drivers going above and beyond their duties and, in many cases, literally saving people’s lives. And it actually happens pretty regularly.

So to honor the righteous and impactful work being done by pizza drivers and employees, we’ve compiled a roundup of stories showcasing some of their most courageous deeds:

1. Pizza delivery driver saves woman from kidnapping

When Joey Grundl went to deliver a pizza on a September afternoon, he certainly wasn’t expecting to walk into a kidnapping scenario.

But that’s exactly what ended up happening, according to local news reports.

While he was delivering a pizza to a 55-year-old man, he noticed a woman in the background who appeared to be his girlfriend. While the man was paying, she pointed to a black eye and mouthed “help me” to Grundl.

Immediately after, the pizza driver called the police, who investigated the situation. It turns out the house he delivered the pizza belonged to the woman. And the man who ordered the pizza was her ex-boyfriend. He allegedly entered her home uninvited, beat her and then tied her up.

The man ended up being charged for kidnapping, along with a slew of other offenses, in what turned out to be a pretty crazy, and horrifying story. Grundl, meanwhile, has been hailed as a hero and was invited to meet the superstar Taylor Swift after fans noticed he was wearing a Swift hoodie during TV interviews.

2.  Pizza employee travels 7 hours to deliver pizza for customer with cancer

Earlier this year, Indianapolis couple Julie and Rich Morgan had planned a trip to Michigan to visit their favorite pizzeria Steve’s Pizza. But those plans got nixed when Rich, who had been battling cancer, couldn’t travel and was put under hospice care.

On a whim one night, Julie’s father decided to call the pizza shop this past October and tell them about the situation. The pizzeria’s manager Dalton listened, and without hesitation, wrote down their orders and promptly drove three and half hours to deliver the pizza. Dalton arrived by 2:30 a.m., handed over the pies and made the long trek back. He also declined payment.

By the way, it’s worth noting that Steve’s Pizza doesn’t offer delivery.

3. Pizza delivery driver being called a hero after saving man from fire:

Ralph Letner put his life on the line this past April when making a routine pizza delivery in Lexington, Kentucky. During a late shift, his deliveries brought him to a trailer park, where he came across a home ablaze. After learning that the structure’s owner was still inside, he rushed in and helped him get out.

Nobody was in hurt in the incident.

“My parents raised me to make sure that if there is something in need, you have to help someone, put your life on the line,” Letner told the local TV station.

4. Pizza delivery driver saves life of elderly woman who fell in her house:

In 2011, pizza delivery driver Susan Guy became concerned after not hearing from a regular customer for a while. The customer — an elderly woman who had ordered pizza from the Memphis, Tenn. shop nearly every day over the past few years — went silent for a few days, so Guy decided to go check on her.

Upon arriving at the customer’s home, no one answered the door and neighbors had not seen her leave the home. So Guy called 911, informing paramedics that something may be wrong.

And there was: Guy’s tip led the authorities to investigate and find that the woman had fallen in her home, according to a local TV station. Guy ended up saving her life.

5. Group of pizza workers help save loyal customer’s life:

In a story of a similar vein, a group of pizza workers in Oregon also observed that a regular customer had been notably absent for a few days. So they sent a delivery driver to check on him at his home, but the customer didn’t answer the door. The lights and TV, however, were conspicuously on, so the driver called 911.

It turns out the man had fallen on the ground and was in need of medical attention. And, thanks to the pizza workers, he got the help he needed.

6. Pizza delivery driver brings pizza to drivers stranded by avalanche:

Delivering pizza in snowy conditions is a heroic feat in itself, but this delivery driver went one step further when he brought a few pies to cars stranded by an avalanche in Colorado.

In January 2017, cars were stranded along an interstate while crews worked to clear the road of fallout from an avalanche. Some drivers were there for hours and one particularly ravenous trucker decided to order a pizza.

And one local pizzeria, dubbed Chicago Pizza, heeded the call, trekking through precarious conditions to deliver a hot pie. Upon seeing the pizzeria’s excellent service, the idea caught on with other stranded drivers, who in turn ordered their own pizzas.  

The icing on the cake? The delivery driver transporting these pizzas was wearing shorts.

7. Teen pizza delivery driver helps save a customer’s life with CPR:

19-year-old Anson Lemmer was only a few days into his new gig at Glenwood, Colo.-based Uncle Pizza when he came face-to-face with a situation that few pizza delivery drivers encounter.

On one of the last deliveries of the night in 2015, Lemmer came across three men outside of the house he was scheduled to deliver pizza to. One of the men was on the ground and he was turning blue.

Lemmer immediately jumped to action, performing CPR on the affected man until paramedics arrived and took over. Thanks to the heroic actions of Lemmer, the man was expected to make a full recovery.

As Lemmer told The Post Independent, “I left a pizza boy and came back a pizza man.”

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