April 6 is “Get a Slice on Slice Day” on Staten Island

Love free pizza? We know you do. That’s why on April 6, we’re holding “Get a Slice on Slice Day” at 24 pizzerias in Staten Island. All you have to do is order your free slice on the app!

Here’s how to do it: On April 6 from 12pm to 6pm, order a “Free Slice” from a participating pizzeria. Select pay in cash, place order, and then pick it up!

Here is the list of the participating pizzerias. We’re not saying you should try to get free slices from all 24 pizzerias, but it would be pretty impressive.

  1. Avanti Pizza
  2. Il Sapore Cafe
  3. La Piazza
  4. DiLeo’s
  5. Paesano’s
  6. Anthony’s Famous Pizza
  7. Marianna’s
  8. Village Maria
  9. Joe & Pat’s
  10. Napoli
  11. My Family
  12. A & S
  13. Paulie’s
  14. Bari’s
  15. Taverna Pizza
  16. Richmond Family Pizza
  17. J & R
  18. Brooklyn’s Finest
  19. Torino
  20. Goodfella’s (Hylan)
  21. Prime Pizza
  22. NY Family Pizza
  23. Lorenzo’s

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