What toppings go with banana peppers on pizza?

Banana peppers can do so much more than soup up your sandwich. In fact, they’re one of the most underrated pizza toppings out there.

Pickled banana peppers can add a bit of zing to any pizza by their lonesome, but they’re at their best when teamed up with one of these other sensational toppings:


The tangy flavor of banana peppers works exceptionally well with porky and salty bacon. It’s also a clear mouthfeel match. Banana peppers are soft whereas bacon pieces are crunchy, making this one of the best pizza topping combos out there. 


Shoutout to sausage for its ability to infuse its delicious drippings into the cheese and dough of pizza. When combined with banana peppers, sausage gets the spice that it’s often lacking. If you love hot sausage more than the sweet variety and wish that it was available from more pizzerias, then this is the 1-2 topping punch that you need in your life. 

Pro tip: Want to spice up your next supreme pizza? Swap out the green peppers for banana peppers for an even better pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, onion, and olive pie.

Bell Peppers

Pizza with banana peppers
Pep in your step & slice

Looking to cut the spiciness of the banana peppers a little bit? Green bell peppers might just be the topping for you.

Bell peppers possess a natural sweetness that is pronounced even further by the cooking process. When teamed up with bell peppers, these toppings also make for a spectacular looking pie. If you want a full color spectrum on your next pizza, ask for banana, green, red, and yellow peppers on your next order.


banana pepper salami pizza
Slice x Sandwich

This one’s easy: salami and bell peppers go together marvelously on your favorite sub, so why wouldn’t you tap this combo again for your pizza?

There aren’t many cases in which we’d opt for standard salami over pepperoni and other pork byproducts, but this is one of ‘em. 

Ham and pineapple

Hawaiian pizza with banana peppers
Don’t hate.

Banana peppers might be your key to the best Hawaiian pizza of your life.  

The ham and pineapple combo is a polarizing one, but those that love it on their pizza swear by its salty/sweet magic. With banana peppers, you can tack on an additional wave of sour spice for a pizza that your whole fam will be talking about for weeks.

Where can I order a pizza with banana peppers near me?

Banana peppers
Bring the heat.

Download the Slice app to find the best pizzerias near you that offer banana peppers as a topping. Can’t decide between two of the tasty combos on this list? Why choose? With Slice, you can customize your own half-and-half pie and get both!  

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