The Best Desserts To Go with Pizza

What’s pizza without dessert? Well, it’s still a damn good meal, but nothing beats something sweet after you’ve had a slice or two (or four….we don’t judge). 

After huddling up with the experts at Slice, we can conclusively say that these are the best desserts to pair with pizza:

Ice Cream

This is a no-brainer, especially in the summer – ice cream and pizza is the strongest pairing since Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco.

The flavor possibilities are endless, but our personal favorite is a vanilla-based ice cream to help cool down after your summer slices. 

Or, if you’re always hungry in Philadelphia and want to continue your pizza journey, head to Little Baby’s and get their pizza-flavored ice cream, made with tomato, basil, garlic, and oregano.


After enjoying one of Italy’s greatest exports, why not bring it on home with a rich and decadent tiramisu? Chocolate, coffee, and mascarpone cheese – That’s amore.


Admit it, you started salivating for them as soon as you saw the picture.


Another summertime hit. Cool off with watermelon, and kick things up a notch with freshly cracked sea salt to bring out its sweetness. Or, if you’re a lover of all things spicy, grab a bottle of Tajín, the famed Mexican seasoning powder that makes watermelon better than ever with the flavors of chile peppers, lime, and coarse salt.


The contrast of pizza and fruit makes for a light finish to a carb-forward meal, but there’s nothing stopping you from doubling down with doughnuts. 

Fun fact: It has been scientifically proven that the best doughnut for your post-pizza meal is a Bavarian cream (Editor’s note: This has no scientific basis whatsoever.)

More Pizza

Don’t have a sweet tooth? Don’t sweat it. Save that precious stomach room for even more pizza!

Dessert + $1,000

How’s this for a meal topper? You can add dessert to your next order on Slice and use code SWEETTOOTH for your chance to win $1,000. 

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