The Best Seafood Toppings For Your Pizza

Yes, you can put seafood on pizza. 

Scratch that – you should put seafood on pizza.

Meats and veggies adorn most pies, but you really ought to expand your horizons and top more of your pizzas with the fruits of the sea.

These are the seafood pizza toppings you need in your life:


Clam Pie New Haven

Think clams are meant just for appetizers and pasta? It’s time to come out of your shell and order up a clam pie.

Clam pies are the calling card of New Haven, Connecticut, one of the country’s greatest pizza towns. New Haven is synonymous with the clam pie, but you can find outstanding bivalve-topped pizzas almost anywhere.

Clams can add a wonderful bit brine to your pizza and they really shine when dressed with garlic, olive oil, parsley, and grated romano cheese. Clam pies, traditionally, are served as sauceless white pies, but don’t be afraid to customize your order and make it a red clam pizza.


Pizza with anchovies

Okay, this one is polarizing. Three out of four pizza lovers say they want nothing to do with anchovies, but allow us to stick up for the marginalized 25-percenters.

There’s a reason why these diminutive fishes are a beloved pizza topping in Italy: they pack a ton of fishy flavor and they tend to get more and more addictive with every bite. For a truly memorable and balanced anchovy pizza, add onions and garlic to the mix. 


Pizza with shrimp

Shrimp is a criminally underutilized seafood pizza topping, but you can help these little guys get the respect they deserve.

Shrimps cook faster than most other proteins, which is why pizzaiolos take great care to add shrimp to the pizza towards the end of the cooking process. The end result is shrimp with a perfect texture and a new favorite for you and the fam.

If you love shrimp fra diavolo (who doesn’t), sprinkle some crushed red pepper flakes on your pie to turn things up a notch.

Calamari (Squid)

Calamari squid pizza

Guess what? Your favorite meal starter is now the main attraction.

Calamari pizza – in all forms – is divine. Order a pizza with fried calamari for an irresistible crunch. Or, if you’re looking to keep things lighter while bringing the flavor of the squid to the forefront, get a pizza with oven-baked calamari rings and tentacles. 

For bonus points, take your oven-baked calamari pizza to the next level by adding fennel as a topping, when available.

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