Define the pielationship this Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day which means, for many people across the world, it’s time to have “the talk”. The talk where you sit down with your companion(s) and try to add a little clarity or definition to what your relationship is, and where it’s going.

It can be a tough conversation to have, which is why we made it easier for the Valentines out there with our “pielationship” statuses. 

Take a look at the graphic below and see if you can spot yours. We’ve also posted them individually on Facebook and Instagram for you to share with your lover(s) so that they get the hint. 

Don’t see your pielationship status reflected here? Don’t worry, we wrote some more to help you out..

Side piece:If you’re always the support act, but never the main event, you’re garlic knots. (Fun fact, Slice customers ordered 1.5 million garlic knots in 2019)
Polyamorous / Nonmonogamous Why love just one, when you can love all? You’re meat lovers pizza
Long distanceYou’ll travel far for the ones you love – you’re squid pizza (a Japanese speciality).
BetrothedIf you’ve already agreed to partner down with someone, but saving it for later, you’re frozen pizza
Playing the fieldYou’re not sure what you want for the long game, so you’re trying a few different plays to see what works. You’re buffalo chicken pizza
Commitment phobeYou think you want something, but you’re not quite sure if you want all of it just now. You’re pizza by the slice.
GolddiggerYou don’t care how it looks, or how it tastes, you just want to look good for the ‘gram. You’re caviar pizza
CatfishingPretending to be something you’re not? You’re not pizza, you’re flatbread.

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