Delicious pizza backgrounds for your next Zoom video call or happy hour

With most of the country now staying at home, people are finding all manner of ways to keep themselves entertained. One app that’s proving popular is Zoom. Zoom is already popular in the business world for holding conference calls, but now (what feels like) everyone is turning to it to host their virtual trivia games, happy hours, and karaoke singalongs.

One of the popular features of Zoom is the ability to add a custom background that effectively “green screens” you into whatever you’ve chosen. Thanks to this feature, we’re now seeing plenty of shots of people on virtual beaches, in virtual space, on virtual safari etc etc.

What we’re not seeing enough of on these Zoom calls, however, is delicious looking pizza. Allow us to help you out!

To save these images, just click on the one(s) you want and save the full-size file that opens in a new tab/window.

New York Style

Basile’s Pizza, Hoboken NJ

Pepperoni Pizza

The Italian’s Kitchen, Washington DC

Neapolitan Style Pizza

Motorino, New York NY

Chicago Deep Dish

Emmet’s, New York NY

Detroit Style Pizza

Lions, Tigers and Squares, New York NY

St Louis Style Pizza

Waldy’s Wood Fired Pizza & Penne, New York NY

Penne a la Vodka Pizza

Famous Amadeus Pizza, New York NY

Marinara Pizza

Keste Pizza & Vino, New York NY

Happy (and delicious) Zoom-ing!

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