Easter and the Rise of the Peep Pizza

Perhaps no holiday more than Easter has the most specific, polarizing candy. Between Jordan almonds, chocolate bunnies, Cadbury eggs, and Peeps, there’s a season pastel candy for everyone to love, and for everyone to hate. The most powerful amongst these are Peeps, which inspire a surprising amount of rage in some people for being small marshmallow chicks.

We think that letting people like what they like is one of the best ways to get by in what can be a dark and depressing world. If Peeps bring people joy, they’re a net good. Then we saw someone use Peeps as a pizza topping.

The phenomenon arose at least ten years ago, likely because someone realized they could name it the Peepza and not because they thought it would taste delicious. Now, years later, the Peepza arises like a phoenix from the ashes every year around Easter to terrorize Twitter users, trending for a day or two as the uninitiated view pictures of the monstrosity for the first time.

By 2017, the Today show was having Martha Stewart and other celebrity chefs perform Peepza taste tests. The verdict?

Adam Richman: “I want it to be worse than it – no it’s bad. It’s still bad.”

Martha Stewart: “It tastes disgusting, actually.”

If you want to live dangerously and try Peepza, you have a few options. Recipes have sprung up all over the internet for more complex versions, including breakfast pizza Peeps and a dessert pizza. You can order a pizza for delivery and plop your Peeps right down on top of it, but then they probably won’t melt into the cheese. Or, you could call up your local pizzeria and see if they’ll help you live your dreams by making you a Peepza (for a very generous tip, of course). Rumor has it Peepza occasionally appears on pizza menus as a stunt – keep your eyes open.

If Peepza doesn’t do it for you, there are dozens of other Peep-flavored foods to try, including Peep-flavored beer. After eating the Peepza, Martha Stewart suggests making a Peeps s’more as a better alternative.

We’re all for holiday themed pizzas and seasonal toppings – one of the joys of pizza is how adaptable it is. But may we humbly suggest squash blossoms for a floral touch? Or, if you insist on eating Peeps, maybe try them on a dessert pizza (link)? But follow your heart. We just want you to be happy and full of good pizza.

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