Eight pizza box games to play at home while you stay at home

Most of the nation has now been quarantining for several weeks. At this point, those Zoom happy hours and trivia sessions (might) have lost their luster, you’re already on your third re-watch of Tiger King, and you’ve already completed every single jigsaw puzzle in your house.

So, what can you do now to keep yourself entertained? If you’re stuck for ideas, our friend Kelsey — a.k.a. Instagram’s @whatup_dough — has thankfully come up with some fun at-home games and activities that can be made using pizza boxes, and some other easy-to-source materials.

We’ve worked with Kelsey to bring you our favorite ones, but give @whatup_dough a follow as more are being posted on the regular! 

Don’t have any empty pizza boxes lying around right now? That’s easily solved.


Go from downin’ slices to dunkin’ pong balls with this basketball-inspired creation:


Make sure there are no spares — slices OR pins — when you’re playing this one:

Marble Run

The most delicious of Rube Goldberg-esque devices — truly marble-ous: 


I couldn’t think of a corn-y pun for this one, sorry:

Pizza Putt Putt

A slice is usually a bad thing in golf, but not in this un-fore-gettable creation:

Pizza Spinner

Make quick decisions and settle debates with this spincredible contraption:

Ring Toss (exclusive!)

Toss a coin ring to your Witcher pizza, oh valley reader of plenty blog, o-woah-oh!

Side note: Kelsey made this — and one more — just for readers of The Sauce!

Pizzaland (exclusive!)

No pun this time — you can breathe a sigh of relief — because @whatup_dough went to great efforts to make this one just for us! Download this PDF for everything you need to play Pizzaland, the board box game! 

Kelsey has shared a few others on the @whatup_dough Instagram which you can see below. If you end up making one or more of these games, we absolutely want to know about it — be sure to tag @slice and @whatup_dough when sharing!

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