Five Easy Pizza-Themed Gifts

The loved ones in your life all have different interests and hobbies, but it’s safe bet that they all love pizza. For those in your circle who really, really appreciate a good pizza, we present you with five fantastic gifts that are sure to make you a holiday hero.

Pizza Money

Cash is always in good taste, but you can give it a personal touch by styling it in the shape of a tasty pizza.

Pizza money is a guaranteed home run and, best of all, it can be quickly assembled with cash, change, and last night’s pizza box. It’s the perfect present for a teenager or college student and it’s guaranteed to please.

Pizza Socks

Those who wear their love of pizza on their sleeve will be eager to display their affection for ‘za on their feet. Pizza socks are offered by a number of online retailers in all shapes, sizes, and topping combinations.

Pizza Pool Float

Sure, it’s cold in December, but the warm sunshine will be back before you know it. When the pools open up in the summer, your friends and family will fight over this massive pizza slice float.  

Pizza Phone Case

How can you top the awesomeness of ordering a delicious pizza on the Slice app? By doing it on a pizza phone, of course!

Actual Pizza

In conjunction with one of these awesome gifts, why not give the gift of local authentic pizza?

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