Get Discovered More Often with Google and Slice

As much as we all joke about turning to Google for our every need, it’s hard to argue with the numbers: 85% of millennials search for restaurants on their phones when hunger strikes.

And Google truly does make it or break it for businesses — the first 5 results on Google get 67% of all clicks, and for restaurants, there’s more competition than any other category (more than double, actually).

How will your business stand out when folks are searching for their next slice?

Our team can manage your online presence to optimize your pizzeria for Google search and get more customers’ eyes on your business.

How SEO & SEM Affect Search Results

When you search for “pizza” on Google, the ads you see that populate at the top of the results are examples of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is SEM’s cousin, focused on ensuring that online listings are prepped to surface high in search results. Both are crucial for success in a crowded market, which is why both are part of Slice’s support tools for business owners.

Slice Optimizes Your SEO/SEM
Our team knows how important it is for hungry customers to find you in search results, which is why Slice pays for and manages ads specifically for your pizzeria that will show up at the top of Google search. Continued management of your online listings promotes better SEO, which means better visibility in Google search. Our team takes care of your personalized website, Google My Business listing, and your Slice App listing.

Slice Can Power Your GMB Listing

Your Google My Business listing is in safe hands with the Slice team. With certified listing management, you can ensure your category, photos, offers, location, and contact info are always up-to-date. Inbound reviews are given thoughtful, timely responses that increase your chance of retaining customers, even if they left a critical rating. Certified listings get 3x the orders of unmanned listings, and that’s just from search results (before they even click into your website).

To learn more about how we help over 10,000 pizzerias grow their businesses year over year, click here.

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