Great Feats of Pizza: The Pizza Box Pizza

Step right up and feast your eyes on these Great Feats of Pizza. These pies from far and wide will astonish you with their ingenuity, creativity, and deliciousness.

This is Feat No. 1 – Believe it or not, Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn serves pizza in a box made out of pizza crust! Read on, if you dare to face this delicious monstrosity.

On an uncharacteristically slow day in Vinnie’s Pizzeria, owner Sean Berthiaume started experimenting in his lab. After watching customers dispose of countless cardboard pizza boxes, Sean mused, “What if they could just eat the box?”

The store front of Vinnie's Pizzeria in Brooklyn.

Sean subsequently sent shockwaves through the pizza universe. Using boulders of pizza dough, he constructed an entirely edible, eco-friendly, and “Totally PIEodegradable” box to house his famed pizza.

A hand pulling a pepperoni slice out o a box made of more pizza.

“So, I just wanted to make it, take a picture, and put it up there,” Sean said. “But, following that, the phone calls started coming in and it just blew up. Before long, we were making hundreds of them!”

The Pizza Box Pizza fuses three distinctly different parts together to form what is surely one of the world’s most formidable meals. The bottom part of the pizza box is a risen Sicilian pizza. The lid is cheesy garlic bread. Inside: Vinnie’s signature pepperoni pizza. At least, that’s the “basic” version.

A sign that says "I'd rather be eating pizza served in a pizza box made of pizza from Vinnie's Pizzeria in Brooklyn."

“People have gotten creative with it,” said Sean. “They say, ‘I want the middle pizza to be half mac-and-cheese and half buffalo chicken. Oh, and can the bottom part be half sausage and half black bean and avocado?’ And, I say, yes, I’ll do anything. If you want it, and it’s in my power to make it and you’re willing to pay for it, I’ll always do it. That’s what makes pizza great.”

At first, it took an hour to construct the Pizza Box Pizza, but Vinnie and his team now have it down to a 30 minute process. Customers are willing to wait for their entirely edible Pizza Box Pizza and they’re even traveling from Europe and Asia to conquer this colossus.

Three guys behind a counter at a pizzeria.

If you’re ready to face this bready beast, which is as delicious as it is impressive, you can order it for pickup or delivery from either Vinnie’s location in Williamsburg or Greenpoint. And, yes, it comes in a cardboard box when it’s ordered for delivery or takeout. Sean is a mad genius, but he’s not insane.

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