Great Feats of Pizza: Love At First Sight

Step right up and feast your eyes on these Great Feats of Pizza. These pies from far and wide will astonish you with their ingenuity, creativity, and deliciousness.

Presenting our next feat. Krave It Sandwich Shop & Eatery in Bayside, Queens has a pizza that turns everything from wrong to right and makes the stars come out and fill up the sky. Prepare for a pie that will blow your mind.

This is Love At First Sight.

Fried Buffalo chicken. Buffalo sauce. Mozzarella. Mac n’ cheese. Jalapeños. Ranch dressing. Cool Ranch Doritos.

No, this is not the catering menu for a 10-year-old’s birthday party or a college freshman’s April 20th grocery list. These are the ingredients that comprise Krave It’s Love At First Sight pizza. With just one glance into its mesmerizing swirl of ranch dressing, it will capture your heart and mind:

In his basement laboratory in Bayside, Vishee Mandahar continuously concocts creations to capture the imagination of the internet, even though his menu is already as thick as a bible and packed with unholy and wholly delicious offerings.

Mandahar will not rest until he has satisfied every craving (er, kraving) in Queens, which is why he offers a cash bounty to his minions for the craziest (kraziest?) ideas they can come up with. After that, Krave It’s taste technicians spend days experimenting with ludicrous recipes. It’s hard work, but, fortunately, they have plenty of willing lab rats to work out the kinks before the pizzas reach the public.

making doritos pizza

“We don’t stop until we feel like it is perfect. We’ll call family members and our customers to let them know that we’ve got a new pizza in the works and they can get a free slice, on us, if they try it and give us their feedback, “ Mandahar said. “We want everyone’s ideas before we put anything out, to make sure it’s absolutely perfect.”

This process has given birth to the Pauly Delight, a pie featuring fried chicken, root beer BBQ sauce, and chipotle aioli with enough flavor to unglue the gel-hardened quiff of its namesake. Ditto for the World Famous Cheeseburger Pizza, which counts fried eggs, french fries, bacon, chipotle mayo, and 16 burgers (bun and all) among its toppings.

Pizza purists aren’t quite sure what to make of it all. Scott Wiener asked Mark Iacono if the Cheeseburger Pizza is, in fact, a pizza. The Lucali chef looked down at his frankenfood, shook his head in disbelief, and said, “I don’t know anymore.” Fellow Brooklyn-based celebrity chef Frank Pinello was left similarly speechless: “I don’t know man. I don’t know.”

Mandahar knows this much: People love his pizza and he’ll never stop pushing boundaries for his customers.

Kraveit pizza sauce

“It’s a new trend. A new style. It’s our version of pizza,” Mandahar said. “If someone is stuck in their old ways, that’s just what they’re used to, I guess. Welcome to 2020 – it’s all about the millennials now. I’m not trying to say regular pizza is boring, but we’re trying to push the limits and take it all to the next level.”

“A lot of people are scared, but we’re not.”

krave it pizza

If you’re in the Queens area, you can order Krave It’s Love At First Sight pizza for pickup or delivery on Slice.

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