Order these half-and-half pizzas to ring in the Spring Equinox

The Vernal Equinox is here! On Thursday, the Sun crosses the celestial equator and spends roughly equal time above and below the horizon everywhere on Earth.

Or, in other words – spring has sprung!

Wanna celebrate in style? Of course you do, and we have just the thing to kick off spring.

On the Slice app, you can customize the hottest half-and-half pie of the season with a simple tap of these pizza planets:

Half-and-half pizza Slice app

That’s right – any combination of toppings divvied up on whatever side you want. You might already have the perfect half-and-half pie planned out in your head. Or, maybe you’re the adventurous type who’s ready to take a half-gamble on a few toppings that you’ve never tried before. Or, maybe you’re really adventurous and you want to randomly hit semicircles until you’ve built a glorious pie of assorted veggies and mystery meat (Frankly, that would be pretty cool.)

We encourage you to let your creativity run wild, but we’ve also got a few ideas to bounce for your spring celebration:   

White Pie with Ramps/Asparagus

Half-and-half pizza

Ramps are often confused with leeks and scallions, but one bite of its garlicky-tasting goodness clears that right up. The season used to start in late April, but it’s been coming earlier and earlier as of late. It also ends in early June, which means that you oughta pounce as soon as they’re available. Get some in your life while they’re fresh and abundant and match it with peak asparagus on the other side.

Hawaiian Pizza/Plain

Half Hawaiian pizza

March means the start of pineapple season and some local shops like to use the fresh stuff (Side note: canned pineapple works just as well on pizza, so feel free to use the growing season as your excuse no matter what.) Yes, it’s pizza’s most polarizing topping, but don’t let that stop you – that’s what the half-and-half function is for. Go for pineapple and ham on one side and keep the other plain for the haters.

Strawberries, Goat Cheese, and Balsamic/Artichokes and Fresh Garlic

Strawberries on a pizza? Really? Yes, really. They make for a delicious topping, especially when balanced with salty feta. 

If you’re not feeling sure about it, just remember: Pizzas are pies and pies have fruit. Take a few deep breaths and recite your new mantra until you feel ready to dive in. 

Plus, strawberries get an early jump in Florida, which means the time is ripe for you to eat as many as possible. Artichokes and garlic also get going in March – they’ll make for a healthy and more traditional counterpart on the opposite side.       

Arugula/Meat Lovers

Peppery arugula to the left. Mountains of meat to the right.

The reason for the arugula is obvious. Some might see the connection between mountains of meat and springtime celebration as flimsy or even non-existent.

Well, if anyone asks, the Italian sausage on there is herbaceous thanks to parsley and thyme. As for the pepperoni, ham, and bacon? Well…uh…look…spring is a time for love, and you love meat, hence the Meat Lovers pie.

Or, better yet, don’t even bother with the charade. The whole point of a half-and-half pie is that it allows you to do you. Opt for lots of veggies, or no veggies, when you order pickup or delivery from your fave shop.  

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