How to Find the Best Employees For Your Pizzerias

The perfect hire is a great match for experience, skills, personality, and compensation requirements — but how can you be sure you’re getting attention from the right candidates? After all, hiring requires your team’s time and resources; investing at the beginning of your search can save you time in the long run.

Slice has partnered with Indeed to share insights into how to attract the best candidates for your pizzeria’s team. 

Research Industry Job Titles and Descriptions

Keep in mind that your candidates will be seeing hundreds of job listings, and they’ll be searching with a variety of keywords to help them source different kinds of opportunities. By doing a little research, you’ll get a more accurate picture of how your pizzeria can stand out from the crowd and what keywords are popular.

Be Specific With Job Titles in Your Listing

Being upfront about the core responsibilities of the role will ensure you only receive applications for people expecting to do that exact job. For example, if you’re looking for someone with experience in a prep line, a good headline for the job post might be: “Experienced Prep Cook for Pizzeria Needed.” Similarly, it’s important to list whether it’s front-of-house or back-of-house.   

Use Keywords, Not Jargon

It’s easy to take “knowing the lingo” for granted. Every industry has acronyms and buzzwords that you might expect a potential new hire to be familiar with, but seeming in-the-know in your job posting is not worth missing out on the right applicant. Be clear, concise, and transparent as often as you can. The more information you give up front, the better the chance you’ll get the right candidate. This also goes for certifications and licenses potential hires should have on their first day.

What Do They Get? A Word on Pay

Just like with the other elements of the job posting, be as clear as possible as often as possible. Are you willing to pay more for cooks with 2+ years experience? Is there an opportunity for growth, both in responsibilities and pay? Being candid can help you win out against other job listings, but don’t forget that compensation isn’t limited to pay! Opportunities like training programs, certification reimbursement, and leadership opportunities may not be financial incentives, but they are compelling elements to mention in your posting. 

What Makes You Stand Out?

The reality is that many job listings look the same. The smartest employers know this and make sure to add a few details about their company’s brand or mission to distinguish themselves. Don’t feel like you need to recite the whole history of the business; just add a few sentences to give some color to why someone might want to work for you. 

Learn as You Go, and Hire Better Talent

There’s no magic formula, but following this advice will definitely guarantee that the people who apply will have a solid idea of who you are as a business-owner and who they should be as an employee. Don’t be afraid to try something new with your description or title, because you can always adjust it if you’re not getting the applicants you’d hoped for. Overall, it’s a learning process, and this foundation should help you as you get started. 

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