Iconic women who show their love for pizza

Just like pizza, we believe women should be celebrated every month (not just Women’s History Month). But while we’re here, let’s honor the famous ladies who slam slices like champs. 

Liz Lemon of 30 Rock / Tina Fey of real life

She can shotgun a pizza and make us laugh. What’s not to love? Rhetorical question. We bow our heads in reverence to this very funny woman.

Chrissy Teigen

We salute any woman who loves pizza just as much as us — even if it’s from “the Hut”. 

Grace Hart of Miss Congeniality

Let us honor any lady who orders a large pizza — and gets her carb-fearing friends to dig in.

Kerry Washington

Gluten-free living ≠ give up pizza! It means ordering cauliflower crust. Thank you for reminding us, Kerry. You deserve an award. 

Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love *and* Daisy Araujo of Mystic Pizza

Two iconic roles. Too much pizza. Please, Julia Roberts, give us another love story — and make it extra cheesy.

Selena, and J Lo of the fine film “Selena”

Selena was a triple threat: singer, dancer, *and* proud pizza eater. Let us honor her (rest in power, Selena) and J Lo’s excellent portrayal.


Slightly misanthropic, but doesn’t miss a slice. We stand (and sit) with Daria. 

Jennifer Garner

Stye. Grace. Poise. She’s a Southern sweetheart for a reason. Bravo, Jennifer Garner. 


True pizza lovers check in with their pie on the way home. Points to Zendaya if she ate some en route.

April of Parks and Rec

All that needs to be said: April is right, and we salute her. 


Nothing makes a New Yorker smile quite like a fresh slice. Awkwafina is living proof.

Kate McKinnon of SNL

Pizza is the ultimate prop, and Kate wields it well. Even Especially in pizza mom.

Fran Fine of the Nanny

Pizza in gloves, if you’re fancy like Fran. Three cheers to the pizza queen from Flushing, Queens. 

Are we missing a pizza queen? Let us know on Instagram at @Slice. She doesn’t have to be famous. She just needs to really, really like pizza.

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