How to Find Great Restaurant Employees with Slice & Indeed

Keeping shops staffed has been a challenge in 2021. From delivery drivers to pizza makers, independent restaurants across the country have had a hard time finding (and keeping) good talent. At Slice, we’re always looking for tools and technology solutions that can support your shop and help you grow — including overcoming the labor shortage

Read on for tips as well as a special offer from our friends at Indeed

How Do I Find Great Restaurant Employees?

When it comes to finding great talent, first you need to have great applicants. One of the most effective ways to hire great talent (and fast!) is by using online job postings. When you list your open roles to online job sites you open yourself up to a much larger candidate pool. 

To help, we’re teaming up with Indeed to make sure your job postings get seen. Indeed is the world’s leader in getting people meaningful jobs and helping employers of all sizes reach their hiring goals. The great thing about Indeed is that it is for everyone — no matter the function, skills or level. 

Tip For Listing Your Roles Online

  1. Write an effective job description: A strong job description will provide enough detail for candidates to determine if they’re qualified for the position. 
  2. Include the following details: Pay range, Benefits, Shift info, Location, Required qualifications, Type of job: full-time or part-time
  3. Make a resume optional for candidates applying: Due to the nature of work, some top options might not have a resume to submit and that is OK.
  4. Make the hiring process easy for you and the candidate: Respond to applicants ASAP and schedule a single interview.

How Can Slice Help Me Find Great Restaurant Employees?

As a Slice partner, your shop can post a job listing on Indeed FOR FREE. Plus if you are a new Indeed customer, they will provide you with $150 in credit to promote your listings to viable candidates*. 

*Terms, conditions, and quality standards apply

Why Should I Post My Roles on Indeed?

  • Indeed is the #1 job site worldwide and in the US
  • 250 million people visit every month
  • Creating an account on Indeed is free! You can start listing roles right away and because you are a Slice partner, you get the added value of the boosted post
  • Indeed delivers 47% of all hires in the US

Take advantage of this offer now. For more details, click here


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