Love or Pizza? We Polled People to See Where Their Hearts Lay

Valentine’s Day is here, which means a whole lot of talk about love. However, here at The Sauce, we like to keep things in perspective:

Is love really all that matters?  

What good is love without good pizza?

If pressed to pick between romance and a round pie, which would you pick?

We couldn’t let these pressing questions go unanswered, so we called upon the data team at Slice to survey the country and find out where this hopelessly romantic, yet hungry, nation stands.

Would you rather give up sex or pizza for a year?

Tough call, but 40% of people would rather go without sex for a year than give up pizza. The rest (60%) opted for a pizza-free year.

We wish the pizza-abstaining crowd good luck in this hypothetical because that’s a frustrating cold streak that we can’t possibly fathom.

Do you love pizza more than your significant other?

Good thing this poll was anonymous, because 60% of people said “I do” love pizza more than my significant other. We appreciate everyone’s candid responses and, rest assured, your secret is safe with us.

Would you still swipe right on your soulmate if they said they loved Domino’s?

This one, understandably, is a dealbreaker for many – 43% of people would turn down their soulmate if they ate Domino’s. As it turns out, people aren’t very affectionate towards conveyor belt produced pizzas.

Would you rather spend Valentine’s Day ordering your favorite local pie or out at a fancy restaurant?

This one was a slam dunk: 100% of people would rather order their favorite local pie on Valentine’s Day than dine out at a fancy restaurant.

We’ve all fallen for the prix fixe fallacy on Valentine’s Day before, and, frankly, we won’t get fooled again. The allure of white linen tablecloths and dime-sized chocolate molten lava cake has fooled many, but any chef will tell you that Valentine’s Day is the absolute worst day to dine out.

Instead of so-so service from an overwhelmed restaurant packed with canoodling couples (yuck!), be a true romantic on Valentine’s Day and order a delectable local pizza for you and your sweetheart.   

We here at The Sauce wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! Just remember that love can be ephemeral, but good pizza is eternal.

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