Optimize Your Twitter Profile With These 4 Tips

According to Hootsuite, over 90% of Twitter users plan to make a purchase from the small/medium businesses they follow on the platform, and your profile is your first chance to make a great impression. Before you start composing your best 280-character tweets, be sure to follow this checklist. To make these changes, you’ll need to hit “Edit Profile” to the right of your screen once you’re on your Twitter profile.

1. Choose the right profile images



Like Facebook, each of your Twitter posts will pair with a profile avatar. If possible, choose a version of your logo that’s legible even at a small size — 80% of Twitter users are on mobile, and you’ll want them to recognize you easily. Your profile also features a cover photo displayed at the top of your profile. This space is your chance to show off a high-quality image of your pizza, venue, or staff.


2. Craft a powerful bio


160 characters is a tight squeeze for a bio, so every word counts. In general, longer bios attract more followers, but you should focus on telling new business who you are. For example, this type of bio gets right to the point: “Brooklyn’s best Neapolitan-style pizza since ‘89. Dine-in and delivery.” You can even add a hashtag to help new business find you — something like #bkeats organizes Brooklyn foodie culture tweets all in one spot. Use free tools like these to uncover the best hashtags for your market.


3. Set your website and location


Below your bio, you’ll see empty fields for a website link and location. If your web address is too long, a tool like can help you create a shorter link for Twitter. Your location can be as general as your city (New York City, New York) or as specific as your borough (Brooklyn, New York).


4. Brand your page


The final touch to make your page shine is to choose a “theme color” that matches your business’ branding. After you choose “Edit Profile,” you’ll see an option to edit theme color below your bio. You can select one of the options that Twitter has provided, or you can input a color code that matches your logo or your website.


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