Pasta For Your Pizza

Life is full of hard choices.

Fortunately, choosing pizza or pasta doesn’t have to be one of them, because you can get pasta on your pizza.

Whether you’re celebrating National Pasta Day 2019 (which is among the holiest of non-secular and not-real holidays) or just cravings carbs-on-carbs, these are the pies for you:

Mac and Cheese Pizza

Mac and Cheese slice

This is a pizza that’s truly worthy of a post-nosh food coma.

Why just get mozzarella and sauce on your slice? Things are better with cheddar, plus a mountain of other melty cheeses and macaroni.

If you’re in the great state of New Jersey and looking for a mac n’ cheese slice, we strongly recommend Tony Baloney’s in Jersey City.

Oh, and while you’re there, you might as well go for a noodle-topped two-fer:

Lasagna Pizza

Lasagna Pizza Cheese Pie
garfield nodding head

Spaghetti Pizza

Garfield Spaghetti

We’re on your side, Garfield – lasagna or spaghetti on pizza is a great call. Also, Jon is a drag.

Spaghetti pizza can be a little trickier to find than ziti pizza and the rest, but the folks at Kasalta Pizza & Shakes in Hialeah, Florida have an entire Spaghetti Pizza menu.

Ziti Pizza

Ziti pizza pie cheese

A slice loaded with ricotta, mozzarella, enough tasty tubes of ziti to carbo load an ultra-marathon runner?

We’ll take three!

Ravioli Pizza

Ravioli: Appetizer. Entrée. Pizza topper.

Yup – you can get pillowy pockets of ricotta enveloped in thin pasta dough atop your pizza. Ravioli Pizza isn’t served everywhere, but it just might be available for pickup or delivery near you.

When in Rome – the one in upstate New York, that is – get a Ravioli Pizza at Luigi’s.

Not feeling carbs on top of carbs?

Good news: you can get just carbs!

Order one of the classic pasta dishes done right from a pizzeria near you.

Penne alla Vodka, Linguine with Clam Sauce, Gnocchi with Anything – that sounds mighty fine to us, even if it’s served atop a plain ol’ plate instead of a pizza.

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