Pizza and Online Dating: The Pepperoni Connection

Ah, online dating. A fraught landscape of selfies, questionable pickup lines, and trying to demonstrate your personality in one hundred words or less. While the internet and smart phones have improved some things, like simplifying pizza ordering and delivery, they haven’t exactly made finding love easier or better.

We often think pizza improves the experience. Bad date? Come home, kick off your shoes, and order a pizza. Need an idea for a date? Pizza. Want to celebrate a good date? Pizza.

But what if we told you there were more ways to use pizza to improve your online dating life?

As we’ve demonstrated before, the kind of pizza you like can speak volumes about your personality. If you’re searching for compatibility, try listing your favorite pizza topping to see what happens. After all, you and your potential future mate will be doing a lot of eating of pizza together, and while you can always go half pepperoni half veggie, isn’t it nicer if you both agree?

According to some websites, mentioning that you like pizza has become a hallmark of women’s dating profiles. Some less savory takes on this phenomenon seem to imply that it’s more a signifier of being a laid back “cool girl” than anything, but we beg to differ. Can’t it just be that women, understandably, love pizza? Also, we’re pretty sure men occasionally list enjoying pizza as well. After all, it’s a food that is almost universally beloved. So don’t let stereotypes stop you from putting yourself out there. If you love pizza, tell the world! You can start small, with a simple pizza emoji, or go all out and request your first date take place at your favorite local pizzeria.

During the 2016 election, Bumble allowed users to select filters for their profiles based on the candidate they were supporting. More popular than most of the actual candidates? The Pizza for President filter.

Another suggestion? Use pizza as an icebreaker? Sending that first message can be anxiety-inducing, so why not fall back on your old friend pizza. Ask them if they like pineapple on pizza or what city’s pizza cuisine reigns supreme. You’ll be ordering pizza together and in person in no time.
As of 2016, the slice of pizza emoji was the 4th most used on Tinder, which just goes to show that pizza and online dating are as linked as tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. So put your pizza-loving self out there and find love. Or at least a date to the pizza parlor. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to encounter a pizza profile in the wild and match with your favorite food. There are worse fates.

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