The Top 10 States Who Eat the Most Pizza Around Thanksgiving

We’re all thankful for pizza, but some states really take their appreciation to the next level in late November. The day before Thanksgiving ranks as one of the busiest ordering days on Slice, and there’s good reason for that.  

On the Wednesday before the big feast, kitchens are usually monopolized by chefs who are preparing to overfeed friends and family. Meanwhile, folks still gotta eat on Thanksgiving Eve, an automatically carved out high school reunion date. Pizza, of course, is the best solution to this age-old quandary.

Naturally, we were hungry to know more. We enlisted the help of the data team at Slice to tell us which states needed the most pizza to fuel their Thanksgiving prep.

The Northeast made a strong push for the No. 1 spot. Leading the way is Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut all placing in the Top 5. Ultimately, the cheese lovers in Wisconsin pulled out the W.

So, we know that the Badger State loves to crush pizza before Thanksgiving, but how does it rank when it comes to ordering pizza on the Friday after Thanksgiving? As it turns out, Wisconsin loves pizza and hates leftovers.

Boom! Wisconsin wins again and, this time, it wasn’t even close.

We did, however, see a shakeup in the Top 10. Florida and Colorado clearly cast their vote for pizza over dried-out turkey and reheated stuffing.

The Top 5 Pizza Ordering Days Of The Year

After proving America’s love of pre- and post-Thanksgiving pizza and showing that Nate Silver does not have a monopoly on important, hard-hitting statistical analysis, the Slice data team ran the numbers to find the Top 5 pizza ordering days of the year in the United States.

Last year, the day before Thanksgiving cracked the top five with a 41% overall jump in ordering from the previous Wednesday. That impressive hike in pizza consumption placed Thanksgiving Eve in Slice’s Top 5. That puts it in the same rarified mozzarella-filled air as Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and the day after Christmas. Although it is not officially recognized as a holiday, Thanksgiving Eve has shown that it is no turkey.

TL;DR: Halloween, the Day Before Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day, and the Day After Christmas are the Top 5 pizza ordering “holidays” of the year.

Who Will Gobble Up The Most Pizza This Year?

The numbers at Slice depict Wisconsin as the odds-on favorites to eat the most pizza of any state around Thanksgiving. However, the data also shows that 2018 Thanksgiving is ripe for a potential upset. With Pennsylvania and New Jersey nipping at Wisconsin’s heels, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a new Thanksgiving Eve champion crowned this year.

When it comes to the day after Thanksgiving, the rest of the field has some serious catching up to do. To those of you living outside of America’s Dairyland, we dare you to dream big. Put down the turkey leg, pick up the Slice app, and make your state proud!

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